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Seoul Motor Show 2015: The Novo concept, and much more April 3rd, 2015

The world premiere of the all-new Optima at the New York International Auto Show just got wrapped up, but Kia continues to bring surprises wherever it goes. This time, we are back on our home turf for the Seoul Motor Show where we unveiled the Kia Novo concept for the very first time. Featuring coupé-inspired styling and a minimalist, driver-focused cabin, the Kia Novo’s bold looks captivated the huge crowd gathered to see the latest from Kia. The all-new Optima, also known as ‘K5’ in the Korean market, was also at the center of attention after a special presentation given by Kia President and Chief Designer Peter Schreyer. Check out the scenes straight from the Kia booth at the Seoul Motor Show!



Novo concept: A fresh hint at Kia’s promising future

The name of the new concept speaks to the core characters of the car itself, for it was taken from the Latin word ‘novatus,’ meaning renewed or refreshed. The Novo concept was designed to create a driving environment based on a specially-adapted version of the Cerato (Forte) platform, where drivers can refresh and rejuvenate, a place away from their busy urban lives. ‘Novatus’ is also the origin of the English word, ‘innovation’, upon which the identity of the Novo concept is built.

The Novo concept’s body shape is a unique mixture of smooth, geometric design and a series of sharp, decisive lines. The interior has been designed to be strictly driver-centric, with its minimalistic cabin and roomy space. The Novo is powered by the brand’s latest powertrain, a 1.6-liter ‘Kappa’ turbo gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine, and paired with a seven-speed DCT for extra power and better fuel efficiency.

Although there are no plans to bring the concept model to production, it provides a glimpse into Kia’s future compact car line-up. For more photos of the Novo concept, visit here.


All-new Optima explained by Peter Schreyer

When Peter Schreyer went on stage to explain his design inspiration and stories related to the all-new Optima, everybody was all ears. Mr. Schreyer explained the challenge his team faced in renewing the signature model of the brand. Being the first Korean automobile model to receive a Red Dot design award, Optima has continuously set the design standard for the midsize sedan segment and there was a lot of pressure to exceed everyone’s expectations.

His team decided to retain the identity of the Optima while significantly improving every detail in the car. As a result, the all-new Optima gained a spacious and functional interior and a body shape composed of clean and delicate lines. It will also come with dynamic convenience features such as UVO (in some countries), a cutting-edge in-car connectivity system that will give drivers access to a suite of core functions from their smartphones.


Enjoy more photos from this year’s Seoul Motor Show below.


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