One Horsepower Versus 337 Horsepower – Borrego NPI July 17th, 2008

By Amy Taylor
Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America

The horses neighed as 337 horsepower pulled into Icicle Outfitters.  They must have sensed some competition from the Kia Borrego V8.
After testing the power of the Kia Borrego driving through the Blewett Pass, it was time to see what one horsepower feels like.  Sundance, Bubba and Duke were the names of just a few of the horses that took the journalists out for a ride. All agreed upon returning to the ranch that while the ride was relaxing and slow the Borrego has a bit more giddyup.

The Borrego once again caught the eyes of consumers.  While the journalists were out for their ride, excited consumers asked about this new vehicle that they had never seen before.  They were thrilled to hear that they were getting an exclusive look at a vehicle that hasn’t gone on sale yet.  One was so excited that he wished he had brought his camera!

Click on the video to check out the journalists hitting the trails, the view on their driving routes and other images from wave two of the all-new 2009 Kia Borrego National Press Introduction.