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Optima design story: Color &trim August 20th, 2010

The design process is always an exciting stage. As designers, we take it serious when defining our users and their likes because we are essentially designing for them. The image board is a collage of materials and finishes based on the extensive research done on user needs.

The popularization of automobiles has led to the prominence of regional diversity. To satisfy the fast-changing demands of consumers, Optima introduced a new sporty sedan concept of “smart mobility beyond simple transportation” after conducting image studies for color and material development. Much care and attention was devoted to developing quality patterns and materials for trims to maximize the sporty sedan image.

These Images and materials are then translated into our production interiors, such as seat cloth patterns, accent finishes, textures and colors.
In the case of carbon patterns, a greater three dimensional effect is achieved. A hardy and smooth material for the indicator imparts a solid and refined feel.

Painting and leather wrapping further enhances the sporty and upscale image, while the double-layered wood grain plays up the sedan’s sophistication.

Kia also studied “emotional technology” and grafted our findings to the process of designing cars. In other words, we took a psychological approach to improve drivers’ moods according to their bio rhythms. The research was aimed at providing drivers with more energy and a comfortable interior environment.

We developed smart, heated seats that use heat-transferring fibers. The superior heat-emitting, anti-bacterial and far-infrared radiation properties contribute to producing a pleasant driving condition while the absence of electromagnetic waves promotes positive energy.

We needed to differentiate the exterior color to emphasize the sporty sedan concept. To this end, we selected Snow White Pearl and Satin Metal to convey Optima’s unique appeal and character; Platinum Graphite that expresses solidity and energy; and Light Graphite that imparts a rich imagination. We think the colors complete the look of the new concept sporty sedan. Do you agree?

  • WOW. Great job on the Optima. It’s really changed and turned into a spectacular looking vehicle. I can’t wait to own one but even more so I can’t wait to own the Optima KOUP!!! wink wink……..

  • Greg

    Will this be released in Australia…and if so, when? and RRP so to speak?

  • BernardP

    The new Optima looks extremely good, but despite the hype, color choices are very conservative. Let’s get a metallic red (not burgundy) and a vivid metallic blue. Santorini Blue from the Forte would be nice

  • we are waiting Kia Cerato four door 1.6 diesel version .

  • we are waiting Kia optima 1.6 diesel 150 ps .

  • randall

    Kia’s image and quality are up there with the best in the business today. Would love to see 4WD version of SOUL. It would compete with Daihatsu Terios and outshine it BY A LONG SHOT!!!!

  • GregM

    The Kia Optima has been an attractive car the last few years anyway…..But, the new design is definitely a “head turner”. In the last 5 years I’ve noticed a larger presence in the Kia volume on the road. I’m glad the American public has taken a liking to them

  • zaheer

    one of best designs

    great job done …


  • Tootscat

    trying to buy one but cant get delivery