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Part Deux: Design Comments on the All-New pro_cee’d October 24th, 2012

Yesterday we shared what Chief Designer Officer Peter Schreyer and Gregory Guillaume, Kia’s Chief Designer-Europe had to say behind their design strategy of the new Carens from the Paris Motor Show 2012. Today we’ll share what they had to comment on regarding the pro_cee’d design – Let’s take a look.

Vision of the new pro_cee’d design

The new pro_cee’d is Kia’s most emotionally-charged car to date, a powerful looking hatch that drips performance and dynamism from every crease and curve.  You know from just a single glance that this is a car that you want to drive down your favorite road.

Peter Schreyer says the all-new pro_cee’d is a true clean-sheet design.With its distinct form-language and dynamic proportions, muscular stance and athletic lines, this ‘coupe’ follows a very different visual path to the cee’d.  It’s a completely different car on every level.

According to Gregory Guillaume, they wanted to build on the elevated expectation with this new pro_cee’d model and continue to surprise and delight Kia drivers.  The new five-door cee’d takes on the emotional level of the outgoing pro_cee’d, so the role of the new pro_cee’d is to push forward, forge ahead.

When design work on the pro_cee’d started 24 months ago, both Schreyer and Guillaume drew inspiration from the muscular and honed bodies of world-class athletes.

“We pictured a world-class sprinter crouched in the starting blocks,” says Schreyer, “and our eyes were drawn to their bulging shoulder muscles, full of power and pace, ready to be unleashed.  That’s what we wanted to capture – all that performance potential, just waiting to be unleashed.”“We wanted to give the pro_cee’d a really strong and dominant face, like that of an unbeaten champion boxer,” adds Guillaume.

Creating the look

To create this hunkered-down stance, Kia’s design team injected substantial amounts of visual muscle into the rear haunches, dramatically flaring the rear wings, and introducing a more acute angle to the rear windscreen and an integrated roof spoiler. The roofline drops down to meet the shoulders in a taut line that effectively ties down the edge of the pro_cee’d’s wedge-shaped profile.

The lowered roofline – the pro_cee’d sits a full 40 mm lower than the five-door cee’d – and raised shoulder line has resulted in a significantly tighter glasshouse, and the resulting wedge-like profile is further enhanced by the bold lateral crease that runs its way across the car’s flanks.

Those bold wheel arches are filled with eye-catching 17-inch multi-spoke lightweight alloy wheels, wrapped in sticky, low-profile tires. A split twin-exhaust layout with large diameter outlet pipes lend further visual weight to the pro_cee’d’s performance potential.

Far more aggressive front bumper with a deep and square chin.

Has leaner and more assertive version of Kia’s ‘tiger’ grille than that found on the cee’d.  Framed in a dark silver metallic finish, it is linked to the headlamps to further emphasize the muscular width of the pro_cee’d.

Despite its overt athleticism the pro_cee’d shares its wheelbase and tracks with its five-door relative, which means versatility is uncompromised – both luggage capacity and rear space are virtually identical to those of the five-door cee’d.

“There’s a muscular tension here,” says Schreyer as he walks around the pro_cee’d.  “It’s a car that’s ready to pounce forward. Kia is on a distinctive design adventure, and the pro_cee’d spearheads this forward-looking journey.”

What do you think?

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