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Picanto TV Commercial Production Postscript Epilogue June 3rd, 2011

Q1. Hello. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. To start, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Seokgwon Kang and I am a creative director of the INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE CS5 team. It has been 18 months since I joined INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE. This is my third global Kia project and the second one with vehicles since I joined the company. My time working as a creative director and as a project team leader is not that long. My first global project was the TV advertisement for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. After that, I produced a TV advertisement for the all-new Optima targeted for the international market.

Q2-1. What is the concept of this Picanto advertisement?
The concept of the Picanto advertisement is “Small car, grown up”, representing the fact that the Picanto is “a small car but one that is packed with various features.” The Picanto comes with so many features that even I was surprised. It’s certain that the Picanto will deceive many consumers, as it surprisingly comes with many versatile features for its small size. Therefore, I wanted to include this kind of meaning into the concept and brand slogan. With that in mind, we came up with the slogan “ALL in smALL.” We focused on the word “all” in “small” in order to deliver the message that “Everything is offered in this small car.”

Q2-2. Where did you get the inspiration for the OR / AND concept?

“OR” represents the worries about what needs to be sacrificed or acquired with a small car. However, none of these concerns are necessary for the Picanto, which is why “AND” was included.

Q3. Which part did you want to highlight the most when producing the advertisement?

First and foremost, I, of course, wanted to show the Picanto’s new exterior design. I also wanted to emphasize various features despite of its small size.

Q4. What would you like to see as a result of this advertisement?

With this advertisement, I hope that consumers will feel that the Picanto is ”small but very attractive.”

Q5. Do you have any particularly fun or interesting memories of making the advertisement?

It is always fun. As I believe it is important to have fun while you work, everything I do is a fun and interesting memory.

Q6. It seems that creative directors need to have more unique and different ideas than other people. How do you come up with your ideas?

I definitely try to have both direct and indirect experiences. I go on more trips, watch more movies, read more books, drink more, play more and exercise more than other people. Above all, the most important thing is making the effort not to get “old.” I think that there is nothing I can do about physically aging due to time, but I strive not to get old mentally. I soak in a broad range of TV programs, dramas, comedies, movies and popular music because it is very important to understand the sentiments and trends of the young generation who are leading figures of today.

Q7. Of the Kia advertisements that you are have been a part of thus far, which is the most memorable?

With Picanto advertisement, I thought that global advertisements are more difficult than domestic ones because the target audiences are so diverse. Although they are all memorable, there is always some small trace of regret or a feeling like “I wish I had done this.”

Q8. Any final words for Kia Buzz?

As Kia has made breakthrough developments and produced quality cars that are incomparable to the past, please work hard to become a brand that consumers can be proud of. Go, Kia!