Postscript from the new Picanto photo shoot October 9th, 2007

inacio KimBy inacio Kim
Manager, Overseas Communications Team

My name is inacio Kim and I’m a manager of the Overseas Communications Team responsible for producing our overseas catalogues. The photo shoot for the upgraded 2007 Picanto took place on the streets of Australia to best conform to the A-segment market and convey our creative concept, “Colorful Mind.”

picanto shooting

This photo was taken at Australia’s Brisbane Square Place. The newly constructed building has a simple yet colorful exterior, perfect for our Picanto concept. It took four days of rigorous searching by our ad agency personnel to find this location. It was just right for the upgraded Picanto, which has become ever younger and friendlier.

In addition, we wanted to find a winding road to visually express the car’s ESP feature. This was easier said than done because we needed to capture all of the road bends and curves through the camera view finder. However, as you can see in the photo below, we found the ideal road that only the Picanto could drive along – a training center for children’s bicycle safety inside Sydney Park. (Of course, traffic guards and police officers were on hand to ensure the children’s safety.)

Picanto ESP

The photographs taken at these locations will undergo digital retouching in order to present consumers an overall image that’s younger, friendlier and more colorful.

Keep an eye out for it!

  • Hello inacio Kim,

    Is it possible for you to give us an idea of when the facelift Picanto will be here in the UK and are we getting the diesel variant as some rumour sites are predicting?

  • Hi SG Petch Kia,

    The 1.1L diesel will be available in the UK and will hit the market between December 2007 and January 2008.

  • Just wondering if Kia has plans of bringing the Picanto to the states? The face lift looks great and it looks more “fun” than the Rio5.

  • Chris KWC – The Picanto is not engineered for the North American market, hence there is no plan to introduce the car in the US market.

  • Dear all, we would like to correct inacio Kim’s comment on the Picanto range in the UK. Please note that the Diesel 1.1-liter will not be available in the UK. We apologize for the misinformation.

  • Eyan


    Great job Kia… The New Picanto looks really good and just by looking at the photo shoot, we can look forward to a great new catalogue for a great car…. Really looking forward to getting a picanto… When will the new picanto arrive in Singapore?


  • Please don’t ever post such incorrect information on this blog.

  • Jon

    Nice looking car, I’d love to see it come to Canada.


    Dear Sir,

    I know this not the right area of the blog to ask, but when will a new Kia Bongo/Pregio be released?

    Thanks so much


  • MICHAEL PASTURI – We don’t manufacture them anymore. The vehicles are manufactured on a knock down bases in Ecuador and Malaysia.

  • I would like to test one of these new suv, My wife and I travel to california each year for a month. We love to drive and to test one of these units would be a great test for the average joe. I am 59 and am a registered Radiological Technician and my wife is a nurse, this will be our 2nd , trip coming up the first was in a 2005 Sedona, this year we have a 2006. As I said I would love to test drive your new unit. so give me a shout if you need me. We leave early Jan 2008

  • David

    (HS Park – Overseas Product Manager)
    …said that the picanto will not be available in the united-states…..
    but will it be in canada???? if anyone could give me an answer conserning the picanto/sol it would be appreciated…


  • No David!
    Unfortunately Picanto will not be avaliable in Canada.

  • David

    Does anyone know what are the new models that are coming up to canada this year or next ???? either SUV or cars ?

    (sorry if i’m out of the post subject.)

    thank you!!



    I hear very good things about the Ceed in turbo diesel form.

    When can this be sold in Australia, i see its already in RHD for UK market, it looks very very good quality and frugal on fuel which is what the world is needing these days.

    Thanks so much


  • I think it would be a good idea for Kia to consider bringing the Picanto to the North American market. When the price of gas hits $1.50/litre here in Canada people would be crashing through dealerships doors for something cheap on gas and on the pocket book. Kia really missed their opportunity to take advantage of rising gas prices here…not to mention a potential recession. Just my opinion.

  • Dan

    Not to mention the prices in the UK now £1.15 a litre approx $2.40/litre. I had a 2004 Picanto which i sold in 2006. I am now thinking of getting one back as it was so chesp to run, not to mention reliable. Dont think ive ever seen a picanto on the side of the roasd with its hazards on.

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