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Zero-emissions electric vehicle, Soul EV moves on to Europe June 18th, 2014

Clean, green vehicles still sound like somewhat of an ideal. But this ideal has become a reality for Kia, as our very first all-electric vehicle, the Soul EV, has entered mass production for sales in Europe. The zero-emissions Soul EV will go on sale in select European countries later this year.

Initially, up to 5,000 Soul EV units per year will be manufactured at Kia’s Gwangju plant in Korea.

State-of-the-art energy-saving features such as the new heat pump, smart air intake control system and a new individual ventilation system ensure maximum driving range without losing much energy from heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. The Soul EV also features a regenerative braking system which captures and recycles the energy used when the car is coasting and braking.

Powered by an 81.4 kW (110 ps) electric motor, the Soul EV boasts a Europe-certified driving range of 212 km (132 miles). The Soul EV has also achieved the world auto industry’s first UL Environment Validation for containing just under 24,000 grams of bio-based plastic material and 10% bio-based organic carbon content. The interior is made of recyclable materials including Bio Plastic, Bio Foam, Bio Fabric and Bio PET Felt and antibacterial materials and paint.


As Kia’s green efforts go global, get ready to see the Soul EV roll out not just in Europe, but countries worldwide. We can’t wait!

Here’s an inside peek into the first Soul EVs for export being produced at the Gwangju plant: