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Racing Kia cee’d – another quality performance November 17th, 2008

KMS Public Relations Team

Greetings from Slovakia. We are Jozef, Alex, Martina, Katarina and Dusan from the Public Relations team of Kia Motors Slovakia, based at Kia’s European factory in Zilina, northern Slovakia.

We’d like to share with you the news of our latest success – but this time it is not about the factory!  This is all about the first Kia cee’d to be a motor sport champion.

It is an unprecedented success for Kia – any motor sport fan will tell you that you don’t just turn up to a championship in a new car and win the title at the first attempt, but that is just what our Slovakian friend Jaroslav Baranek did with his specially developed cee’d.

Jaroslav entered the car into the diesel-only hill-climb championship, organized by the Slovak Motor Sport Association.  Run over a total of 13 races, the Kia cee’d came first in six of them.

The cee’d itself is fairly standard, but with most of the interior removed to fit a safety ‘roll cage’.  This cage, a series of metal tubes, is designed to protect the driver in case of an accident, yet it has the benefit of making the car rigid, and so helps it to deal with the higher cornering forces of a hill-climb event at high speed.

The cee’d is powered by a modified version of the 2.0-litre CRDi engine that comes with the car.  Power has been increased to 200hp and maximum torque is now 400Nm.

In the service areas (or ‘pits’) at the competition venues the cee’d attracted many fans, thanks to the quality of workmanship and the high profile parts used – suspension from Proflex, high performance braking system from AP Racing, Sprintfilter air cleaning system and a fully integrated fire extinguisher for the car and driver from OMP.  Some custom made parts, as well as the driver’s flame-retardant overalls, were supplied by Autotechna Baranek s.r.o.  The whole build process, from a bare shell to complete racing car, took place in Slovakia and was completed in under twelve months.

Jaroslav Baranek is very proud about his title: “We managed to win with the car produced and modified in the Slovak Republic. I am very pleased that it was Kia cee’d and that we were able to win the Slovak championship with it.”

Being modest, Jaroslav says that the success is due to the package – a good base car, excellent preparation and a highly experienced service crew.  He failed to mention that he is a very experienced driver, so adds the extra spice to the finished package.

For us at Kia Slovakia, this championship is a proud moment.  The cars we send out of the factory are built to the highest standards and to see a motor sport cee’d prepared in such great detail makes us very proud.

We just hope that Jaroslavs cee’d is not the only Kia to be showing just what a quality performance the cee’d is capable of.