Kia rolls out the Re:Design project September 23rd, 2014

Offering the best in design to our customers has been at the core of Kia’s philosophy in recent years. And Kia is now introducing an enhanced concept of corporate value via a new global brand communication project called ‘Re:Design.’ The ‘Re:Design’ project will move Kia’s brand communications away from the previous focus on our vehicles’ design and put more emphasis on using design to bring positive changes to car owners and their lives. To mark the beginning of the new campaign, Kia is inviting fathers and sons to share their stories through the ‘Re:Design the Drive – Father & Son Road Trip Contest’ for a chance to win a special overnight road trip with Kia.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Re:Design Project:

The Father & Son Road Trip Contest embodies the underlying meaning of the Re:Design project, which views automobiles not only as means for transport, but also as a medium for experiencing the true value of life. With this campaign, Kia hopes to bring together fathers and sons who haven’t had much time to spend with each other.

This contest will be held globally on our microsite ( from mid-September to the end of December 2014. Selected fathers and sons will have a chance to take a special road trip together to a destination of their choice, while a Kia vehicle will guide the way. To participate, any father or son can visit the event page and submit their story detailing why they want to go on a road trip together.

Interested in an unforgettable trip with your son or father? Do you have a great story to tell Kia? Then come to our microsite and share! We are excited to hear from everyone.