Music ‘Rediscovered’ by Matthew Koma at 2015 YTMA January 8th, 2015

Adding to the excitement of Kia’s sponsorship of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, we are presenting to music fans across the world the REDISCOVERED series. The REDISCOVERED campaign involves Kia collaborations with the talented artists of today who step outside of their genres and cover a classic song from the past. Watch as emerging American musician Matthew Koma covers Smokey Robinson’s legendary ‘The Tracks of My Tears’.

The first episode features Matthew Koma’s journey to California and his initial reaction to discovering that his REDISCOVERED cover is ‘The Tracks of My Tears’:

The next episode shows how inspired Matthew was by the song and how he put his own spin on this classic Motown hit:

Matthew Koma

Follow along with Matthew’s journey to the music video and discover more surprises! More REDISCOVERED stories will be revealed next week on our official YouTube channel,