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Safe driving and parking with Cadenza! February 19th, 2010

By Il-woong Han
Senior Researcher
Electronics Planning Support Team

I’d like to tell you about some “pals” of Cadenza that make driving easier. The Cadenza features numerous new technologies, especially those that have to do with electronics. Technologies previously seen only in the movies are becoming reality thanks to automotive electronics. And this is probably just the beginning. In fact, the number of semiconductors in a vehicle is projected to more than double in 20-30 years’ time. Cadenza boasts many of the latest electronic technologies. Allow me to introduce two systems in Cadenza that make driving/parking fun and easy.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

First, let me ask you a question. Unfortunately, I can’t offer any prizes for giving the correct answer, but I will give you the designation of “Kia aficionado.” Shall we begin?

Q) Does Kia’s new car Cadenza have “eyes” that recognize car lanes?
The answer is yes. You might wonder if a vehicle can really have eyes that recognize car lanes. However, that is possible with Cadenza. It is equipped with a system that sets off a warning when the vehicle deviates from a lane backed by a camera that recognizes lanes in front of the car.

The warning is not triggered every time the driver changes lanes. It is activated only when the driver makes a lane change without switching on the turn signal.

The system is called the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). With LDWS, a camera captures images in front while the car is in motion. Car lanes are identified by analyzing the captured images. If the driver veers off from a lane without activating the turn signal, a warning light and sound are triggered to alert the driver.

If the lane on the left is marked with a yellow line, LDWS will recognize it as a center lane and two warnings sounds will go off per second to inform the driver of the risk. A serious accident could result if a car crosses over into the opposite lane, which is why we developed a system that can tell when a car slips over into the wrong side of the road.

For lanes marked by white lines, an alarm will ring once per second if the vehicle continues to step on the lane marker or deviates from its current lane. A warning will also appear on the cluster. These mechanisms prevent drivers from dozing off, a main reason for veering off a lane.

To activate the system, turn on the ignition using the push button start function and press the LDWS button on the steering wheel. Then, the LDWS image will appear on the cluster. Once the vehicle starts to move and the driving speed exceeds 60Km/hr, the LDWS will recognize and analyze car lanes to help the driver avoid risky situations.

Parking Assistance System (PAS)
I mentioned earlier that Cadenza has eyes that can look ahead. Another feature of Cadenza is the Parking Assistance System (PAS) which serves as eyes that can look at the front and back of the vehicle.

PAS uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in front and behind the vehicle. There are three different warning sounds depending on the distance to the obstacle.

If the obstacle is 1.2m away, the alarm will sound at 3.4 second intervals. The interval will shorten to 1.7 seconds when the distance is 80cm. If the obstacle is just 40cm away, the driver will hear a long warning sound.

Along with the sound alarm, the driver will see a warning light in the form of graphics appear on the cluster monitor. To provide accurate warnings to the driver, the Cadenza is equipped with a total of six sensors, two in the front and four in the rear. You can look forward to easier and more convenient parking with Cadenza.

※ Editor’s Note: Options might differ by regions

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  • jtz

    Wow that lane feature is better than the Ford Taurus’s. Wow, instead of annoying lights that are on the exterior mirror flashing on and off everytime a car (or tree) is on the side of the car and flashes, this car actually have eyes and will allow the driver to know if it is safe to change lanes instead of flashing on the exterior mirror even if the driver never changes lanes. Amazing how loaded is this car? Seriously, I REALLY didn’t know how loaded this car was. This beats the LaCross and Taurus. You guys were right, it is ready to really comepete with the real models. The Cadenza is missing two things, 4WD and back seat recliners.

  • jtz

    This thing appears more loaded than the Genesis. I said it before and I’m going to say it again “I really didn’t expect the Cadenza to be such a loaded car.” What can you tell me about the next Optima. If the Cadenza is this loaded I’m sure the Optima may have luxury like the LaCross and Taurus even if it’s not in their class.

  • jtz

    Oh yeah will it have a rear spoiler? Will it get that rumored AWD I’m hoping for? Will it be faster than the Ford Taurus that is according to Ford faster than the Audi V8? I want to know how fast this car is. I want to know more about the performance of the Kia Cadenza. I want to know all thoes things. I really didn’t expect this car to be thei loaded.

  • jtz

    When is this available for sale in the US? Also, when it comes to cars like this, I hope it will have more color options other than Silver, black, white and blue. I’m so sick of seeing the same blck BMWS and Silver Audis and Silver Lexus on the road. It would be nice to see a car like this Cadenza in strange yet attractive colors something different.

  • jtz

    Speaking of being different I wonder just wonder if there is yet another story you guys have. What if it is? What if it’s something not even an everyday every .05 of second seeing lexus RX on the road doesn’t have? I’m so sick of seeing the same Lexus RX on the road. If I did get one I would get one in blue since most of the RX’s are either black or silver.

  • jtz

    I have a question. You know on the Cadenza’s monitor they show the Cadenza in the cluster. If a person were to purchase it in black, would the Cadenza in the cluster be black too? For example, look at picture 3, the Cadenza located for the driver to see in the cluster appears silver. If the driver drove a blue one, would the car appear blue in the cluster?

  • kia

  • Bruce Batt

    Look nice car cool . I will buy it soon. Iam in Edmonton, Alberta

  • Beta

    I have brought kia cadenza to my surprise most of the options which is mentioned is not available in our region.

    can any one tell me is it possible to addon these features to my car.

    if so where do i need to contact.

  • Colin

    @ Beta,

    Thanks for your interest to Cadenza. Some of new features might not be available by regions. For further detailed info, i will have local distributor contact you through email. Thanks!

  • Katie Shaeffer

    When will this car be available in the US, what will it cost, and will it come in AWD?