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Safety features back up Forte Koup’s performance! August 4th, 2009

By Kim Young-il, Senior researcher
Package Technology Team 1
Sohn Kyung-hoon
Researcher, Body Design Team 1

This is already the third posting on the new technologies featured in Forte (Cerato) Koup.

Today, we’ll be covering the most important new technologies, which of course, are related to the safety of drivers and passengers. We’ll explain how we balanced the unique traits of a coupe with driving safety to produce the most stylish and safest budget coupe on the road.

Let’s begin!

Going lower to realize a safer driving experience and profile!

Contrary to ordinary passenger cars, coupes need to maintain a lower stance to ensure control and safe handling when cornering and driving at high speeds.

Engineers therefore lowered the overall height by 60mm and ground clearance by 10mm compared to the Forte sedan to produce a unique profile for the Forte Koup. By lowering the car’s height and bringing it closer to the road surface, we were able to secure a much more stable ride.

Dimensions of Forte Koup

Sporty styling and package layout for generous passenger space

A lower stance however makes the interior feel more cramped. Our Package Technology Team in charge of designing interior layouts concluded that passenger comfort should be a priority consideration. That spurred them to work on lowering the ride height to free up more space.

Safety remained the top priority for engineers who were looking into ways to lower the hip point by reviewing the interior floor area, car body and seats. They managed to create the largest passenger space available among the same class of vehicles.

Thanks to these efforts, the Forte Koup was born as a coupe with a sporty ride, advanced safety features and spacious interior.

Efforts to design a safer car body

Diverse design technologies were applied to create a stronger coupe body. With just two doors, a coupe has different crash qualities compared with regular sedans and requires an optimized design concept.

In particular, to protect passengers from the risk of side crashes, the center pillar and roof rail were connected to create an integrated car body side and roof. The impact energy is thus effectively dispersed for greater safety.

The ultra high-rigidity steel (120kg-grade) side sill on the lower part of the door provides additional protection against side impacts while dual beams were used to reinforce the door and minimize body distortions.

We also added reinforcements to the center pillar and connecting quarter area to provide greater protection to both front and rear seat passengers.

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