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Saving the Forest in a cee’d January 10th, 2008

Kyehwan RohBy Kyehwan Roh
Assistant Manager
Strategy Planning Team

Climate change is a major environmental issue in the 21st century. Concerns abound that global warming will bring about much devastation. These include rising sea levels caused by higher average temperatures, unusual weather such as heavy rains and snowstorms, and other changes in our ecosystems. Heads of state around the world are urging businesses to curb the emission of greenhouse gases, the main culprit of global warming.


In step with these trends, Kia Motors is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, from the production to disposal stages. Kia has adopted the Total Car LCA methodology and is implementing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)*.  Serious work in this field is being conducted by Kia engineers at our Mabuk Eco-Technology R&D Center, which is the industry’s first facility strictly committed to the development of environmentally friendly technologies.

With features like the diesel particulate filter (DPF), Euro Ⅳ 2.0 diesel engine and five-speed manual transmission, the cee’d is an eco-friendly car. Compared to other cars with the same specifications, it causes less greenhouse gas (▽3.6%), acidification (▽14.4%), VOC (▽6%) and dust (▽15.1%).


Assuming 150,000km over 12 years, the cee’d can lower CO2 emissions by 970kg compared to other cars of the same grade throughout its life cycle (from raw materials to disposal). In other words, riding a cee’d is like planting a small forest of 69 trees, assuming that one tree generally absorbs 14kg of CO2 a year.

Kia Motors will continue its efforts to produce green cars to address climate change. Kia plans to conduct LCA for all cars developed in the future and share the information with our customers.

* Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) quantifies and assesses a product’s environmental impact throughout its life, from production and usage to disposal. LCA was standardized in the ISO 14040 series in 1997.

  • cogito

    That’s Great!! ^^

  • Global warming is a propaganda issue. It has nothing to do with cars. Devastation is keeping poverty on its present stage. Poor countries are not polluting the environment. Kia must build cars like India $2,500 each.


    Dear Sirs,

    Me and My friends love Kia Pro’ceed and we could buy it on first opportunity but as we need it as a city car, we would like it to be with an engine of 1300 cc instead of 1400 cc for avoiding levies and other goverment taxies.

    Best Regards
    Athens, Greece

  • enliven

    why do you as well as other larger companies not offer a car in a dark earthy green? How about some more earth colors other than reds, yellows and goldsl?