Seollal, Korea’s Lunar New Years Day February 5th, 2008

By Seung Hwan Lee
Kia BUZZ Editor

To the readers of Kia BUZZ,

The editing team of Kia BUZZ blog will be taking a break from Feb 6th to 8th in honor of the Seollal holidays. Before we go, we thought we’d briefly introduce the holiday.

Seollal is the first day of a new lunar year. It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays. It consists of a period of celebrations, starting on New Year’s Day. The Korean New Year holidays lasts three days, and is considered a more important holiday than the solar New Year’s Day.

Koreans wear traditional garments called “Hanbok” during the New Year, and the entire family gets together to observe ancestral rites. After the ceremonies the younger members make a traditional deep bow to their elders.  Family members also wish each other a happy New Year.

On New Year morning, we eat “Tteokguk”, rice cake soup. Eating the soup truly indicates that the Koreans have witnessed the New Year. During Seollal, Koreans play traditional folk games, such as “Yutnori”, a board game played by tossing sticks; “Paengichigi”, a spin-the-top game; and “Neolttwigi”, a seesaw game.

City dwellers will visit their hometowns armed with presents for their parents. Families pay offering to their ancestors. These offerings in holidays are called “Chare” because it is served with liquors and teas.

The Kia BUZZ blog editing team also plans to visit family members and express our gratitude for all that we have. We’ll be back on Feb 11th.

To learn more about Seollal, click here.

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  • cogito

    I know that Lunar New Years Day is a bigrest event in Korea and China.

    Happy New Year~~~ ^^