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Hello from Geneva! March 4th, 2014

Just when you thought you had seen all there is to see, Kia shows up again—this time in Europe. We stopped by in Geneva, Switzerland, for the 84th Salon International de I’Automobile, also known as the Geneva Motor Show.

The Best of the Best

First and foremost, the new Kia Soul EV and the GT4 Stinger concept car made their first road trips to Europe.

The new Kia Soul EV, which will be Kia’s first globally-sold electric vehicle when it goes on sale later this year, attracted many auto fans in Switzerland.

The GT4 Stinger concept car, which wowed the auto industry at its Detroit debut at the North American International Auto Show, finally made its way across the pond for those in Europe to admire.


The upgraded Kia Optima Hybrid and enhanced Kia Sportage will also be making their European debuts, full of new features such as new touchscreen interface (specific to the hybrid system) and a new (optional) high tech pack of driver assist systems.


More Firsts

In addition to the Soul EV’s European debut, Kia is also showcasing a new hybrid powertrain technology. This new technology was developed by the brand’s European R&D center, and will be plugged into future Kia models all around the world. The new hybrid powertrain can drive a car in electric-only mode at low speeds and while cruising, while the battery is recharged under deceleration. When the car is stationary, the technology also acts as a zero-emissions stop-start system, performing with almost no noise or vibration as it is features a belt-starting system.


Kia also revealed details of its all-new seven speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). The first seven-speed transmission from the Korean manufacturer has been engineered to deliver both greater fuel efficiency and improved performance.


Back to the Basics

Exactly 70 years ago, Kia manufactured its first bicycle parts in Korea—who would’ve thought? Though we’ve come a long way since, we decided it was time to go back to the basics, but with a twist. Kia unveiled two prototypes (City model for urban use, and MTB for tougher terrain) of the Kia Electric Bicycle (KEB) concept to select media in Geneva. The KEB, designed and engineered by Kia’s Namyang R&D Center in Korea, has an innovative metal frame, propelled by a 250 Watt electric motor and weighing in around 20 kg. The KEB is designed for commuters, promising up to 40 km on a single charge, with a four-hour recharge time.


We are so excited to show everyone in Europe once again what Kia’s all about. Stay tuned for more news straight from Geneva!