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Sky’s the limit with all-new Sorento May 19th, 2009

Park Jeong-hunBy Park, Jeong-hun, Senior Research Engineer
Car Body Design 3 Team

If you’ve been waiting to see the all-new Sorento model, I’m pleased to tell you that the wait will soon be over. I am a senior research engineer at Kia and involved in developing the panoramic sunroof  for the all-new Sorento.

Kia’s recently unveiled concept car Kia N°3 projected a sense of openness and a wide field of vision. Those features can soon be enjoyed with the all-new Sorento, whose panoramic sunroof offers distinct appeal.

※ Editor’s Note: This photo is the Korean domestic model.

From the inside, the headlining reveals the sky’s wide expanse – open the sunroof on a sunny day and see visions of blue above. By creating an open air ambience, the panoramic roof removes any feeling of confinement while giving the all-new Sorento its unique look.

The panorama sunroof comes with three settings: tilt, slide (outer slide) or close.

A switch to operate the panels is located in the overhead console on the headlining. You can enjoy full control over the sunroof by selecting manual mode or auto mode for greater convenience.

When the glass roof closes in auto mode, the anti-pinch system ensures passenger safety by detecting any resistance (fingers or other body parts) and automatically re-opens the glass to a safe distance.

Driving with the sunroof open gives you a sense of freedom although, wind noise could be annoying. Kia conducted countless simulations and tests to minimize just that – the result is an exhilarating yet comfortable driving experience.

The sunroof also features a manual roller blind that allows the driver to control the amount of light that comes in. It is the world’s first manually operated roller blind made with fabric that completely blocks out light.

※ Editor’s Note: This photo is the Korean domestic model.

The panoramic sunroof has a slim headlining which gives you a feeling of immense space; the optimally designed roof interior further adds to the spectacular view.

You won’t have to wait long to see all that and more with your own eyes since the all-new Sorento will soon be coming your way!




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    We have some posting about new Sorento.
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  • Philip

    It’s been weeks that I was able to see the new Sorento in the web and have been excited to actually know when this model will be released in the Philippines. Four years ago, I had a chance to test drive the current model. But since, I just bought a car that time, I have always been thinking of getting a Sorento someday. I loved the experience of that drive.

    I am on schedule of getting a new car this year and it is going to be great if the new Sorento will be released here within this third quarter.

    Surprise me.

    Warm Regards,


  • Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

  • david

    The new sorento looks very nice when will it be released in australia? The south korean car makers are giving the japanese car makers somthing to think about well done.

  • Pamela in Korea

    Hello David and Philip,

    The all-new Kia Sorento will be available a little later this year. Each market is a little different and sells products based on local demand. You will have to visit your local Kia dealerships to inquire on the Sorento’s availability in your areas.

  • Philip

    Hi Pamela,


    I have been in touch with your local dealership here in Manila but still not much info on when they will release. Would you have an idea about the variants that will be released here? An insider told me, but not yet confirmed that only the 6-cylinder version will be the first.

  • Pamela in Korea

    Hello again, Philip — Unfortunately, we don’t have any specifics regarding what will be available in the Philippines at this time. Many factors affect what models will be available in each market, as such, I would recommend to let your preferences be heard! The blog is certainly one way!

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Philip

    Hi Pamela, It will be great if your Philippine dealers will carry the Diesel, 4×4 with VGT version.

    Thanks again.

  • Kamal

    Its been 3 months since i first heard about New Sorento. Can you pls tell me when exactly this car would be launched in UAE.

    Im counting days fingers crossed. Pls reply.

    Best Regards

  • Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  • Many thanks!

  • Jon in Oz

    Hi Buzz,
    Grats and great work to the MY10 Sorento design team and especially this panaromic sunroof feature… it’s gorgeous. We sat in a Platinum and wanted to buy it on the spot, it’s that beautiful.
    Unfortunately for us, we need the space of the Grand Carnival (replacing our MY09 EX with the MY11 Plat) so maybe in a couple of years time when we have a need for 2nd car, it’s definatley going to be this SUV :)
    *Wishes that the same thought and detail went into the interior of the GC that went into the Sorento!*

  • Ramzk

    hi,i need the roller blind for kia sportage 2011 above the back seat can you help please