Some changes to Kia BUZZ… February 26th, 2010

Colin JangBy Colin Jang
Kia BUZZ Editor

Hello everyone! Colin here – your friendly neighborhood Kia BUZZ editor. We, on the Kia BUZZ editorial team, appreciate your visits and the opinions shared on Kia’s products and activities. Based on your feedback and ideas, we are making efforts to create a much more interactive Kia BUZZ.

As such, we will try to include more fun & exciting posts to communicate with you. This post is also one of our new activities, where we share other blogs and comment on their insight of our products & business. We hope you will all share in the discussions. So here goes.

▷ 2010 Kia Forte EX, an AW Drivers Log
Posted by Bob Gritzinger, Cynthia Orosco, and Jonathan Wong on Autoweek(Feb 12, 2010)

These three editors have taken the all new Kia Forte EX (in the US) for a spin and commented about the car in detail. In unison, they like the number of great features packed into the small car at a competitive price. Jonathan mentioned in his review that he especially liked the quiet ride. They also commented that they were disappointed with the lack of a 5-speed automatic transmission option for the car.
Well, we have good news! We will begin offering a 6-speed automatic transmission in near future. Maybe Bob, Cynthia and Jonathan will want to take that one out for a spin when it becomes available!

▷ Kia teases Racier look for 2011 Optima, Ahead of NY show
Posted by Bengt Halvorson on The Car Connection(Feb 12, 2010)

Thank you, Mr. Halvorson. As he mentioned in his article, the next generation version of Magentis (know as Optima in some regions) will have aggressive & standout coupe-like profile in terms of exterior design. LED technology is used to create distinctive signature lighting. The interior design is driver-oriented and it will enhance the ‘fun to drive’ feeling.

We will introduce more info about the next generation version of Magentis soon!

  • T. Smith

    this is the kind of feedback we need, where your vehicles are reviewed and any comments (particular on the negative side) can be addressed and explained.
    The other thing I would like to see is provision on this site where you can post questions (on any of your vehicles) and get answers directly from the people involved. It just seems that it is sometimes so difficult to get a direct answer. For example why certain things are designed into the vehicle and the reason behind it, a lot of times they just don’t make sense. This way you can get more direct feedback from customers and potention buyers.

    Sample question from me – I own a Rondo and I’ve being seeing comments that this model will be discontinued. Is this true, if so why?

  • stu

    how can I configure my remote on my Kia Amanti to open ALL the doors at once?

  • Joe

    The web site is great and I to like the openness of KIA. I have owned or leased three KIA’s a Magentus and two RIO’s and was pleased with all. I do have one complaint the survice at the Red Deer Alberta KIA is simply aweful they could not look at our Rio for three weeks and the return after repair was two months. Unbelivable Sherwood KIA had us in in two days.

  • Colin

    Hello T. Smith,

    We appreciate your comment and sorry for my delayed response.

    As you said, we want to share our info and hear feedback from customers. We will also introduce more product development and design concept stories from our product managers, engineers and designers.

    Regarding your question about Rondo, we are currently considering the next generation Rondo model. In North America, the MPV market has yet to show full signs of rebounding, especially in the U.S., and that has direct implications on the SUV market and vehicles such as Sportage and Soul.

    So this is too early to give you a clear answer.


  • Colin

    Hello Stu,

    All doors on the Amanti can be unlocked by pressing the unlock button on your remote controller twice, which we call a ‘Two-Turn Unlocking Security System’ to prevent any security problems. It will also work by inserting the key and turning it twice.

    When you press the unlock button, the driver’s seat door is unlocked and when you press the unlock button again, then all the doors become unlocked.


  • Colin

    Hello Joe,

    We appreciate your interest in Kia and Kia BUZZ. We will forward your message regarding your experience with your local dealer to Kia Canada Inc. They will contact you soon.


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  • niels harms

    I was wondering why you say in the Soul’s owners manual, that trailer towing is not recomended, when the Soul in the UK was voted “tow car for the year in its class” (286o lbs.)If you tow a small trailer in the USA, would the warranty still be in force? The Soul in Europe don’t even have the larger 2 liter motor. can we expect a diesel in the US?
    It would be nice with roof rails on the Soul.