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Soul EV’s collaboration with fashion photographers December 18th, 2014

Can high fashion and eco-friendly cars go together? With Kia’s newest electric vehicle, the Soul EV, they sure can. Apart from its cutting-edge technology, Soul EV boasts stylish and spacious design identical to its gasoline counterpart, the all-new Kia Soul. In collaboration with some renowned fashion photographers, Soul EV has evolved into a high-fashion object in urban settings. Check out the coolest of the Soul EV fashion photos.

(Photography by JANG DUK HWA)

With “pioneering cool design” as its theme, the Soul EV illustrates a life fully charged with style. Featured with everything from fashion models to everyday items like chairs and lamps, Soul EV’s iconic design, its combination of straight and curved lines, and its two-tone colors bring every scene to life.


(Photography by PARK JAE YONG)

 Even as a work of art, the unmistakable Kia Soul EV creates unique patterns that capture the essence of “smart technologies”.. The artist here contemplated the growing impact of electronic devices on everyday life, and how Soul EV is taking the lead in the electric vehicle market.

(Photography by PARK JAE YONG)

As an expression of its “innovation,” Soul EV was featured in a futuristic urban setting with a focus on its sound system. Thanks to its electric motor power, Soul EV drivers can enjoy music with minimal external noise interruption. The picture depicts how Soul EV can turn dreary city scenes into places filled with vibrant sound.

(Photography by PARK JAE YONG)

What do you think of Kia’s collaboration with fashion and art? Find more photos of Soul EV below.



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