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Video: Revealed! Kia Soul EV real-world range test January 13th, 2015

Most of us would agree that driving an electric vehicle is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient choice when it comes to choosing a car. Despite its multiple advantages, the relatively short range of EVs has been a major concern for many car buyers. In terms of range, Kia Soul EV is setting a new benchmark in its class, with single-charge driving distance of 132 miles. Next Green Car, a group of renowned eco and green car experts based in the UK, recently conducted a real-world range test to verify Soul EV’s actual driving range. The results were even better than could be imagined!

Watch as the Soul EV takes a range test through the beautiful cities and countryside of Somerset and Wiltshire in the UK:


After driving the test route designed to reflect real world conditions, including heavy traffic, huge ups and downs on a countryside road network, and high speed demands, Soul EV achieved a range of 125.3 miles, with nine miles remaining on the display. That is a total range potential of 134.3 miles, even in challenging weather and road conditions.

Furthermore, a diagnostics report showed that the vehicle still had 13% battery remaining, which conservatively equates to 15 miles of extra range. Drivers can expect to benefit from the extra range afforded by the Soul EV’s intelligent regenerative braking system and by complying with frugal driving tips.

This range test has once again proven that Soul EV is an appealing electric vehicle for customers looking for practicality and cost-efficiency, not to mention Kia Motors Europe’s industry-leading 7 year warranty.