Soul Graffiti March 25th, 2009

Sue MulcasterBy Sue Mulcaster Senior press Officier KMUK

So, we’ve made our first truly urban car that is set to appeal to the young and the young-at-heart. But what does that mean, what can we do to get Soul out there in a way that’s interesting? Soul isn’t just another Kia.

Soul is a car designed to stand out in the city so the idea was a fairly simple one – Graffiti. However, getting six cities in the UK to agree to let us graffiti their walls was another matter!

With the help of ‘End of the Line’ a group of well known graffiti artists,
We commissioned six different pieces of Soul inspired graffiti art to appear in six of the UK’s busiest cities. Bristol, London and Leeds had the art painted ‘live’ onto walls of all shapes and sizes – some up to 14 meters high! Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham were painted in the studio and then mounted onto billboards in each of the cities.

We also arranged for each of the cities to have ‘clean ads’ decorate their pavements and the combination of these and the graffiti led people to a dedicated microsite where they can find out more about Soul and enter a competition to win their own. To date, over 4,000 people have entered themselves into the competition.

As a result of this PR, and before any formal form of advertising, we had over 450 orders for Soul before it went on sale on March 1!!

Kia Soulscapes – the making of

Kia Soul – Soulextric

Kia Soul – Soulscape

Kia Soul – Spiritual Journey

Kia Soul – Light & Soul

Kia Soul – Green Tea

  • Good to see someone took the time to actually get the taggers to do the work. I was worried about the photoshop work in the past advertising.(USA Media) Someone correct me if I am wrong please.