Speed skating revisited March 31st, 2008

By Cor Baltus
Managing Director
Kia Netherlands B. V.

As a follow up to my earlier post introducing the Kia Skating Team, I am pleased to share with you this video that explains our skating sponsorship activities in detail as well as some of Kia’s major global sports sponsorships. I hope you enjoy it!

  • cogito

    I saw this player on the news paper. And I read that Kia motors gave him the vehicle – MOHAVE.

    Skating is very exiting sports.. ^^

  • I’m not really familiar with the speed skating as it’s not popular in our country. But it’s great to hear Kia is suporting sporting events such as this one, X-games in Asia, Australian Open, 2008 European Football Championship and others!

  • Based on my experiences with KIa Ceed 1,4, should be better to invest in materials of these KIA cars as well as to improve quality of service and detailed check-out of new cars before their sale to customer ,as to invest in skating. Dear managers- first ihas to be a work and then can be relaxation. brgds.

  • Clegg

    It adds a lot of respect and value to Kia for sponsoring such noble sports as speedskating