Watch the latest Kia brand film – We Make Surprises June 23rd, 2014

What kind of brand is Kia? This is one of the first questions that any company asks itself when setting out to define its brand image. The answer for Kia came from the concept of ‘surprise.’ And our conclusion was simple: Kia simply wants to help customers re-discover the element of surprise in their daily lives.

From that initial idea, Kia has grown into a brand that is powered by ‘surprises.’ Kia’s global brand slogan, ‘The Power to Surprise,’ is the philosophy that guides the principles by which our cars are manufactured and designed, and also the way in which we approach life. And this power to surprise also provides the creativity for those very surprises to make even more surprises. Watch our latest video that captures the essence of the Kia brand.

Kia: We Make Surprises