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Surround yourself with the powerful sound of Cadenza! March 5th, 2010

Han, Mi-SooBy Mi-soo Han
Senior Researcher
Multimedia Evaluation Team

Hello. It’s pretty chilly these days, isn’t it?

Given the growing spotlight on the entertainment function, quality sound equipment and systems have become a necessity whether you’re at home or on the move.

People tend to cut back on outdoor activities in cold weather and sitting inside the warmth of your car will probably sound highly appealing. Cadenza boasts a powerful audio system that lets you enjoy premium sound in the comfort of a quiet vehicle on a cold winter day. Let’s take a closer look at the star of today’s blog and the hidden gem of Cadenza, the Dimension premium sound system.

Cadenza is equipped with a premium sound system called Dimension, developed by Kia Motors. As the name suggests, the system transcends all dimensions to deliver high quality sound inside the vehicle.

The premium audio system includes an amplifier that digitally transmits source signals, which means virtually no signal loss. Kia also developed a Hi-Fi speaker made with a new material, MSD (Multi-Structure Diaphragm), that reduces speaker distortion to provide excellent sound quality. Dimension features a variable equalizer (EQ) that allows listeners to choose from a selection of sound settings depending on their individual preferences.

The variable EQ function offers three settings, Innocente, Forze and Concerto. Region, age bracket, gender and personal taste were compressed into each of the categories based on accumulated sound tuning technology and experience. Precise algorithms were used to achieve tonal quality, dynamic range and a sense of spaciousness.

The Innocente, or normal setting, provides a balanced, natural sound quality. It delivers easy listening that can be comfortably enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. With tight, low-pitched tones, the Forza setting conveys powerful and dynamic sound so the listener can almost “see” the instruments being played. Forza is perfect for people in their 20s and 30s who like the strong beat of rap or rock music. The Concerto, or concert mode, delivers a sense of spaciousness and vibrant sound that will transport you to a live performance at a concert hall. It is the ideal choice for classical and New Age music.

Internationally renowned audiophiles took part in developing Dimension. Professor Ken Pohlmann of the University of Miami and Tom Nousaine, audio equipment expert and reviewer, participated in the sound tuning and joint evaluation. Their contributions helped to create a luxurious audio system unique to Kia Motors.

Dimension premium sound system has already been recognized by consumers and experts alike. It will lead you to the world of high fidelity.

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  • James in Canada

    Will we start seeing Dimesion offered in all Kia models, not just the Cadenza?

  • @James — I just asked our overseas product team and they have confirmed that Dimension audio systems will be available in all Kia models, starting with Cadenza.

  • Eloine

    So it is included in Kia Sorento???

  • David in Korea

    How does the Dimension sound system differ from the JBL system that is also offered in the Cadenza (K7 here in Korea)?

  • Cadenza

     my cadenza has (infinity) sound system

  • Ahmed Al-Sheikhly

    the same here …my 2012 cadenza have infinity sound system …this is in UAE ( Middle East )