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Taking the all-new Sportage to another level! October 28th, 2010

I’d like to draw your attention to a part of the car that probably escapes your notice but plays a big part in the car’s overall look: door molding.

The beltline of the all-new Sportage has changed to accommodate the newly developed, matt exterior trim film (ETF) molding.

The molding, which is attached to the door belt of the car, protects the car body and glass from water and other foreign materials. Therefore, it must provide excellent sealing performance and a sleek appearance.

The door belt molding that is currently mass produced is usually made of black PVC material or stainless steel that gives off a silvery sheen. However, both PVC and stainless steel offer only a limited range of colors and are unable to provide subdued or high-quality color reproduction.

The new ETF (exterior trim film) door molding technique used on the Sportage enables the application of matt colors as well as a greater variety of colors for a more sophisticated exterior design.

This is just one example of how Kia makes an effort to maintain the existing standard of performance while offering more diverse looks to satisfy your individual preferences for the Sportage.

Editor’s note: The availability of the above feature may differ according to country/region.

  • Joe Adam

    like the new sportage and cant wait to see the car on the road and most importantly be one of the proud owner. Any idea when will this car be launched in Malaysia and how much, please

  • Luis Cortez

    Am enjoying the “Next Level” with my brand new Kia Sportage 2011 here in Doha Qatar!!!

  • the additional mileage , boosts sportage at brings it to top level.