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Get a Taste of Kia with Chef Jean-Georges and Marja October 8th, 2014

Last week we gave a quick glimpse at a power chef duo bringing new flavors to the Kia Media Lounge during the Paris Motor Show, and today we finally reveal the ultimate Kia-inspired menu! Brought to you by world-renowned Michelin 3 star-awarded Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his wife Marja Vongerichten, our new sensory branding initiative called ‘Taste of Kia’ includes dishes created under the concept of ‘approachable but luxurious.’

The ‘Signature’ recipes that make up a three-course meal include a crab and avocado salad starter, a beef tenderloin steak with Gochujang (Korean spicy red pepper paste)-butter sauce main course, and dark and white chocolate mousse with strawberry and mint for dessert. The ‘Outdoor’ recipes, which were served up at Kia’s Media Lounge at the Paris Motor Show last week, consist of lobster sliders (miniature burgers) with green chili-infused pickles and gruyere cheese and spicy grilled chicken barbecue skewers. The public can try these Outdoor dishes at official Kia-sponsored events throughout the year!

Here’s a detailed look at how these recipes were created:

And last week in Paris, as the media got to enjoy the first servings of the Taste of Kia menu items, we had the chance to talk with the menu creators about their food inspirations! Check out our interview below:

What was your first thought when Kia asked you to create a Kia menu?

Jean-Georges: My first thought was, why not?! And because it connected to Marja’s (Korean) background, it was fun to do together.

How do you define ‘approachable but luxurious’?

Jean-Georges: Approachable but luxurious is simply taking something familiar and bringing it up a notch.

Why do you think food is a good outlet for brands to connect with their fans?

Marja: Well I think food’s always a great outlet—because everybody gets hungry. I think it’s the easiest way to explain a story. And I think the way Kia’s done it, in terms of really kind of trusting us to bring their brand forth with the food, has turned out to be a good match.

Jean-Georges: The senses are always awake—when you drive, you’re looking around at your surroundings. And it’s the same with food which not only arouses your taste buds but lets you enjoy different textures and even emotions.

Finally, what does sensory branding mean to you?

Marja: Especially with this concept, we really took the time to think about Kia as a brand and what it brings and the different kind of emotions that it evokes, and we wanted our food to mirror that. We were very selective with the menu. I wanted to, of course, infuse something a little more Korean, because that’s what I do. So I brought my skewers with the Gochujang-butter sauce, which mirrors Kia’s corporate colors.


We are so thrilled to bring our brand closer to our fans through the comfort that food provides. Take another look at the making of the Taste of Kia menu items below: