Test Drive Kia on Tour 2010: A Resounding Success in Colombia September 3rd, 2010

Kia Motors Colombia is doing its best to expose the rejuvenated Kia brand throughout the country. Through our recent initiative Test Drive Kia On Tour Colombia 2010, we wanted to encourage all segments of the general public to interact with the brand by letting people see, feel and test Kia cars while celebrating with World Cup soccer parties in each city that welcomed us.

The event venues were located in the cities of Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Medellin, Cali, Pereira and Bogotá during this past May and June. The music, color, and entertainment did not stop at any time as the mobile venues were visible on the country’s highways.

The launch of the event took place at the EXITO MALL, which offers the highest concentration of people in the city of Bucaramanga. About 1,000 people visited during the two days we were there. Kia kiosk was strategically located by the mall’s main entrance, and billboards and outdoors ads were very eye-catching and representative of our brand.

Our next stop was Barranquilla, where people just loved enjoying the live-broadcasted soccer matches and the city’s warm weather. The registration spot for the test drive was located at the entrance of the event and soccer game kiosks were available for everyone to enjoy.

In Medellin, about 2,800 people felt the excitement of the event with games, prizes and gifts. The test drives, soccer games, music and overall party atmosphere attracted many people. In Cali, 4,500 people experienced firsthand all the features, technology and design of our Kia cars. More than 110 Kia vehicles were sold during this stop.

Later on in Pereira the rain did not stop people from joining the Kia soccer party. All assistants including our local dealers, partners and media stood with us until the late hours of the night. In every city we had free press and advertising in the most important local newspapers. We also hosted a national recognized radio show from our venue.

The closure of the tour was celebrated in the beautiful city of Bogotá. We provided a service clinic for existing and potential Kia customers. 682 people of all ages and genders registered for the soccer game. They found it very entertaining and some of them tried more than four times hoping to win prizes.

The celebration lasted for three days at one of the most important malls of the city. All buyers and everyone who got a quote participated in a raffle of 5 tickets for the final match of the FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM. About 35,000 flyers were given away at the venue and video game spots reached 245 participants.

A VIP sitting area was offered to all participants processing car purchases and a big café area offered a buffet of snacks to test-drive participants and special guests, thereby giving us more time to offer all the special benefits.

Also, recognized national celebrities not only assisted with the event but also participated in the test drive. The picture below shows top model Natalia Paris who was signing autographs for children and buyers!

The event was very successful. Alvaro Mejia, a famous Colombian driver, was a special guest and he kindly gave tutorials on the different functions of the vehicles parts and accessories.

Our numbers show that about 14,591 people attended, 751 cars were sold at the venue and 1,734 Test Drives were provided.

We achieved our goal and we are very proud of image boost Kia received during the event. It was a new and wonderful experience for our team. Thank you to Kia Motors Corporation for proposing this creative initiative, and thank you to our dealer network for their great support.
We can’t wait until next year to go on tour again!

  • Yes, I want to a test drive than I buy a car…….

  • Ricardo Hernandez

    During 2 days I drove a Kia Cadenza in Medellin Colombia for a test drive, and after that I found that it is a great car. Also during Bogota Auto show ( november 4th to 14th) I found the new Kia Optima and I got one already…