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The day after tomorrow March 5th, 2008

By Hyun Jin Cho
Strategy Planning Team
Kia Motors Corporation

The word that has the greatest impact on our lives in the 21st century may very well be “environment.” This is also true in the corporate world. Environmental management is a global trend that is increasingly becoming directly linked to a company’s survival. The time has come when a company that does not adopt the environment as one of its core values will no longer be sustainable.

Global warming has emerged as a major environmental concern. To address this issue, Kia Motors is implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gases.

At our production plants, which are stationary sources of greenhouse gases, Kia is investing in high-efficiency equipment such as energy-saving devices. Kia has set a voluntary target of reducing CO₂emissions by 29% from 1995 levels by 2009.

Efforts also continue to curb CO₂ from automobiles, a major mobile source of emissions. As shown in the table, Kia has been making rapid progress in reducing CO₂. In terms of reduction levels alone, Kia ranks second. According to AAA (Association Auxiliaire de L’Automobile) statistics from 2006, CO₂ emissions for Kia stand at 163.5g/km.


At the present, Kia is not the producer of the world’s most environmentally friendly car. However, that will certainly change in the future as long as Kia remains committed to making continued efforts.

How long will it take to reach this goal? Five years? Ten years? It might just be the day after tomorrow.

  • Sang-Hyuk Oh

    I agree your opinion. Today customers in world market want to buy a good car with clean environment. It is not only trend but also strategy witch will be for survival in competitive automoble market. I think that we must bring around our costomers to buy our car with a brand image as a lovely enviroment company.

  • Interesting viewpoint…After a little research, it appears that your position seems to be on top of the prevailing thought. BTW, where might I find your RSS feed?

  • Very informative article. I’ve found your site via Bing and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your blogs layout is really messed up on the Kmelon browser. Would be great if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the good work!