The Final Word – Kia Borrego NPI July 29th, 2008

By Amy Taylor
Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America

The KMA PR team is back in Irvine, Calif. now and the feedback from attendees and the media coverage has been positive and plentiful since our return.  Click on the links below to read the reviews and check out the full event recap video at the bottom.

  • Dear Sirs,
    I was impressed by the KIA BORREGO.
    But these lines are just to let you know that BORREGO means LAMB in spanish, and has a second meaning for someone without ideas, lazy, …
    This may be a difficulty to launch this vehicle in the Spanish speaking countries.

    Best regars,

    Diego Pastor

  • Hello, Diego Pastor,

    We are aware of your point. However, the Borrego is not aimed for the European market. We will consider a different name if we decide to launch the vehicle there.

  • To add to my previous comment, Borrego is the name of a big horn sheep native to national park in California. And US is one of Borrego’s strategic markets.

  • F D Althoff

    Hello Editor: You have indicated that the Borrego is not aimed for the European market where the name borrego (meaning ‘yearling lamb’) would be less of a problem. There is, of course, only ONE Spanish speaking country in Europe, and it’s Spain. There are 19 Spanish speaking countries in the Americas, and the problem with the name Borrego won’t go away. The US–your admitted target market–is reputedly the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world; the meaning in Spanish of “borrego” was bound to attract scrutiny here. The fact that there is a big horn sheep called a “borrego” in a California national park isn’t widely known or appreciated. I didn’t know that, and I live in Oklahoma. But I DO know the meaning of “borrego” in Spanish!

    I think KIA should just admit they made a moderate naming blunder with Borrego in the US, and have some fun with re-launch that includes poking a little fun at themselves. I bet it would really attract some positive attention.

    F D Althoff

  • Pamela (Korea)

    Hello FD Althoff,

    This point was brought up awhile back in another Borrego-related posting. As our Editor mentioned, the Borrego was designed for the US market in mind as part of our ‘glocalization’ strategy (global products, based on local needs). By no means is it strictly being sold in English-speaking markets, however. Actually, the Borrego has seen much success in the Middle East since its launch.

    When we had initially chosen the name ‘Borrego’, we had identified this linguistic innuendo (in Spanish and Portuguese) before launching the vehicle. But, we also made the decision that in some markets the SUV would be called the Mohave. On the Kia BUZZ, you may sometimes see people refer to our newest SUV using either name, or both (Borrego/Mohave).

    We currently have a few models with different names for the sake of glocalization around the world (Carens/Rondo or Carnival/Sedona). The naming of our products also coincides with this strategy. With so many languages around the world, it would be difficult find that one perfect word that encompasses everything we would like to express about our cars!

  • Dimiter

    Hi we are getting our Mohave Here in Kuwait in Few days…. I was really impressed with the car. The article says the Infinity stereo packs 600 Watts. Ours is a Full option with the Infinity. Does those stereo power output figures apply for the Middle Eastern Version. Cuz 600 Watts is very serious number. I never heard the stereo but no doubt it will sound good. I just want to make sure it is the Same 600 watt one. ;)

  • Nette Site! Der Artikel ist interessant. Danke dafuer.

  • benny dunaway

    I am a new owner of a borrego and very happy with it. I have read you may discontinue sales in the usa. I think it would be better to keep it here and get the news out better. I did not know of the borrego until a month ago. It is what I had been looking for. Apparently I did not look hard enough. I owned a Sadona a few year back and I had good luck with it. I did not look at Kia this time because I didn’t think Kia made what I was looking for. My sister has a sorrento but I like the borrego better. I have seen the new sorrento but I still like the borrego better. Good Luck.

  • ricardo bedregal

    Dear Sirs,
    I live in Brazil and thinking seriously in buying a Kia Mohave (Borrego). But one think worries me. I have been reading rumors that Kia will discontinue this model due to the very low sales worldwide. Would you have any comments on that?
    Ricardo Bedregal