The First Images of Kia Cadenza October 18th, 2009

Please click on the thumbnails below to download high-resolution images.

  • Amazing Cadenza, I happened to see the car in Seoul Airport recently, and it’s class by mere external look, can mesmerize you. The body lines, Gorgeous front look, flowing side to rear end, it is a Beauty ….

  • Pamela (at Kia HQ in Seoul)

    Indeed! A fine looking automobile…

  • What you saw at airport Ramesh, was a concept car of Cadenza and not production model. But they both look very much alike. Congrats to Kia for another striking design, hope it sells well!

  • Looks like a Ford Fusion.

  • Samuel

    …and it is coming to Europe, right? If yes, great decision. It might be a must for the US market, but it would do very good indeed to the image of the brand in Europe. And I’m sure it would also sell pretty well.

    And one more thing: 7 year warranty could make its reinnesance in this category. It was a big hit in the C segment with the cee’d, but would be still unique also amongst BMWs and Mercs. Not spoken how these crisis-hit times increase such long-term values of cars. I’m afraid this could go only with Slovakian production which is not likely.

  • Pamela (at Kia HQ in Seoul)

    Hello Samuel — Kia Cadenza currently has no plans to become available for the European market. It will make its overseas debut at the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai international motor shows later this year.

  • Don

    Is it coming to the U.S.?

  • Derrick G

    Judging from TripleJackinGA’s comment, folks are running out of legitimate comparisons for Kia’s newest vehicles. Congrats on that. Have to say, these photos are terrible. I’ve seen other photos in other colors and with different backgrounds and they’re much more flattering. I was very disheartened with these photos compared to the concept, but after seeing the other photos, I’m very, very impressed with how much of the concept’s great looks are still there. Congrats on a stunner; just consider not putting out any more photos of gray cars on gray backgrounds.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    From what I understand its coming to the US. It better, or the Company would be very foolish if it didnt bring it over.

    KIA, I think if you keep building stuff like this you should consider making it official and go upmarket like Hyundai in 5-10 Years.

    Why not have 2 Brands comparable to Buick and Acura? But for Hyundai Prices. Democratize luxury guys, you can do it I know you can.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Or Even VW/Audi.

    Or Even Mercury/Lincoln.

    Do you guys know that the Mercury Brand in the US is planning on Copying Hyundai’s “Eco Luxury” Initiative? They will have a B Segment a C segment and the D Segment Milan will be their largest car. You guys can be our VW/Audi. With big Luxury Sedans like the Cadenza, and Small, sporty, yet affordable entry level luxury cars in the B and C segement like the VW/Audi strategy.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    By the way the Mercury changes will occur within the Next 12-18 months. They will discontinue the Sable. The B-seg will be a Luxury Fiesta, the C-Seg will be a Luxury Focus.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    They will build a Capri too.

  • jtz

    “Looks like a Ford Fusion.” Where? The greenhouse is totally diffrent the grille and headlights are diffrent even the tailigths are diffrent. But if you want to play the what it looks like game, how about we get on the Ford Taurus and say what that looks like. The headlights is mix of the 1996 Nissan Altima and 2006 Hyundai Sonata. The greenhouse is from the Toyota Camry, Chrysler 300 or Caddy cTS.

    Lets get on Toyota now. The Toyota camry has the Civic coup’s tailights and headlights from the ACURA TL. The Mazda Tribute’s headlights came from the Honda Ridgeline’s. The saturn Aura’s headlights came from the Toyota Avalon. The 2006 Honda CRV copied the Orignal 2006 Kia Soul’s headlights. Honda/Acura didn’t start copying Audi until they found out Kia got the Audi’s old designer. The Civic has the A4’s back and so does the MDX. I could go on forever. The Honda Accord’s side looks like the Subaru Legacy’s which both came from the Infiniti G sedan.

    And speaking of Infiniti, I can’t blame subaru for copying that Infiniti G design since the Infiniti M copied the Subaru Legacy back in 2004 now the 2011 M sedan’s greenhouse is a Buick Lacross. The 2011 Nissan Armanda has the 2005 Kia Mesa’s A pillars

    The Mitsubishi Eclips is a cross between the Honda Civic coupe and the 2003 Kia KCV-3 concept (Oh yeah I know all Kia’s concepts).

    I could go on forever. Tundra, and VW Ircoc’s face look alike as well as the Lancer with the body style of the Lexus IS.

    Time to attack Chevy now. The Cruze has the Sonata’s greenhouse. The Pontiac G6’s tailights came from the Scion TC. The Chevy Cobalt looks like a Dodge Neon. The Pontiac G6 looks like a shorten 2005 Toyota Camry. The Lincoln, MKZ’s headlights looks like Acura TL’s.

    Lets see I got Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, MItsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Audi, VW, Lexus, Acura, Lincoln. To TripleJackinGA,you must be jealous of the new Kia plant in Georgia huh? Nice Kia Cadenza it looks better than the 2010 Lacross which as the greenhouse from the 2007 Nissan Altima’s. Like the G8 has the 2005 Nissan Altima’s greenhouse.

  • jtz

    And I mean the 2010 Lacross’s roof line came from the 2007 Nissan Altima’s. The Equinox looks like the first generation Acura MDX. Everyone was quick to say the first generation Sorento looks like the Lexus RX or Mercedes M class but I didn’t hear no one say how Lexus made the RX look more like the Veracurz. I din’t hear how the facelifed Civic’s lights were facelifted to look more like the Forte’s I didn’t hear how the Lincoln MKR looks like the 2006 Hyundai Sonata from the side. The Nissan Altima’s headlights looks like the Prius. The Honda Insight looks like the Prius the Nissan Leaf looks like the Prius. No one said that but if Kia or Hyundai made a hybrid that looked like a the ugly Prius, people would say “It looks like the Prius” ignoring the fact that both Honda and Nissan copied the Prius though. When other’s copy it doesn’t get noticed but when some car from Korea copies it gets noticed.

  • jtz

    Oh mabye I got a litte to carried away. But hey it’s out now there’s no turning back. The Toyota IQ looks like a smart. The Smart’s tailights came from the Chevy HHR.

  • Hello Don,

    We plan to launch Cadenza (VG) in the U.S. market.


  • Hello Derrick G,

    Thanks for your kind advice and concern for Cadenza (VG).
    I passed your comment to a person who is in charge of catalogue/brochure.
    He appreciated your opinion and when they produce catalogue stuff, they will absolutely consider it.

    Have a nice day,

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Well to be honest when I saw all of the KIA/Hyundai Models on a collage on some page yesterday, I said jokingly with applause “Is this a Mercedes/BMW Page or what?”

    Will there be a Cadenza Coupe? I think a Coupe would help sales in the US as well. Give it competitiveness with the VW EOS, and you might have enough good press on the Cadenza to have a nice steady sales following.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    1500-3500 units in the US a month is all you need, right?

    Its sure a lot better than the Amanti’s 300 Units a month.

    Consider my Suggestion please?

  • CADENZA” will be launched in UAE in March, 2010 and we are planning to conduct a “WOW” launch for it starting Dec., 2009 till April, 2010.

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  • Khyoon33

    Does any one can tell me when Kia Cadenza is available in North America?