The first official photos of next generation version of Optima/Magentis March 14th, 2010

By Kia Motors Corporation PR Team

Here are the first photos of next generation of Optima/Magentis. Kia BUZZ team will cover design concept story soon. Stay tuned!

  • Willian g. duque

    Very beatiful but too large , can you produce a shorter vehicle of this kind?

  • Derrick G

    Looks like a few generations were skipped from the MG to the TF. Hard to believe the MS is even remotely related. But those tires and wheels look absolutely ghetto-fabulous and as if they’d provide all the ride comfort of a wheelbarrow. Hope those aren’t production.

  • I like the design. Good job!

  • This particular model is a Korean domestic vehicle, which may see some changes in our different markets. This photo is from a production model.

  • david mckee

    Nice car keep up the good work, Well done kia when will it come to australia?

  • Dimitris

    Nice car. It’s time for me to sell my old 2006.8 Magentis and buy the new one. Please don’t change anything from the production model.

  • chuck joffe

    hey guys- bought a sand exclaim 5 speed a year ago-terrific car!! shifter needs work-needs to be more precise, clutch release bearing ticks too much-lube drys up too quickly. how about a supercharger option or at least headers and cat back exhaust?? this car lends itself so nicely for street tuning- get there first!!! i work for honda in internet sales- drive an si sedan-great car-the target for the forte koup. if you can get 20 more horsepower out of both the soul and the sx forte, fix the shifters, nicer wheels for the sx Koup, you’ve done a great job in offering alternatives to boring compact cars- bravo!!
    chuck joffe

  • jtz

    So is this going to be called Lotze in the Korean market?

  • jtz

    OH wait never mind I forgot K5. I just remembered I just forgot until I rembmer the K7.

  • Dimitris

    Very nice car indeed! It seems that very soon I have to sell my old 2006.8 Magentis and buy the new one. Please don’t do any changes. It’s fine.

  • JG

    The wheels look awesome. Keep them as an option on the U.S. version please.

  • Boris

    The design is one of the best in its class of not THE Best.
    And I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback on blogs and forums regarding this car’s design.
    Keep up the good work. :)

  • HyundaiSmoke


    The Young and Confident John Krafcik who helped take Hyundai from Competitive Cars to Class Leaders will be on Autoline After Hours Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM Live. You can watch it anytime on starting at 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time Tomorrow. That’s 7:00 PM EST Tomorrow Thursday, March 18th.

    You can ask John Krafcik questions at:

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  • Awsd

    The body looks sharp, although I doubt those wheels would survive for very long on public roads. I wish I understood why designers insist on having unnecessarily large wheels. It looks so odd having large wheels and comparatively tiny brakes.

  • James in Canada

    I really like the sketches – they have a lot of nice detail and it looks slick. If you guys can keep it close to the concept sketches then you will have a hot seller.

  • Dimitris

    Please consider giving as an option the “afs” system that other auto brands offer (adaptive front lights xenon system).

  • Am I the only person here that dislikes the alloy-wheel design? I’ve seen similarly designed alloys at VW :)

    Other than that, this is one awesome looking sedan! Looks really sporty and should do well on the market. Congrats again Kia!!!

  • seah koon tay

    I drives a KIA Cerato 1.6, bought it in mid 2007. Good value for money, but too much body roll when taking corners.

    I am actually looking to buy a new car, preferably one with a 6 in-line engine and rear wheel drive.

    sofar, I had very positive experience with KIA product and especially the after-sales services provided by Cycle and Carriage, Singapore for KIA car owners. I have every intention to stay with KIA product and with Cycle and Carriage Singapore, and request that KIA make a performance car, one with a 6 in-line engine and rear wheel drive.

    that’s all i ask for, especially, if the new Magentis could be a rear wheeled drive, or a 6 in-line, I will definitely continue to stay with KIA products and services of C & C singaqpore.

    congrats on the ongoing transformation at KIA, I am quite proud actually.