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The first sketch images of the next generation Rio January 12th, 2011

The first official sketches of the next generation Kia Rio revealed today (Wednesday) show a powerful, bold design that marks “the next big step” in the company’s ongoing design revolution.

Longer, lower and wider than the existing Rio, the new model is designed to inject emotional appeal into the B-segment, targeting progressive, energetic consumers in the 25-to-49 age range.

The new Kia Rio will make its global debut at the Geneva International Motor Show on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.

  • Fanboy Kia


  • Crazy looking car, I love the direction Kia is taking their designs!

  • K7

    WOW!!sketch looks like it can even compete with golf.
    I hope the production model do not come different with the sketch.
    Please try to keep everything in the sketch.

  • Tyler Lipa

    Impressive design I really hope it makes it into the sheetmetal. I’m curious is there any news for possible power train?

  • SPark

    Oh My God
    Spectacular interior.This will sell like hot cakes even become a iconic car for Kia.Very Good!!

  • Darren

    Great model . very nice . Kia please change the Rio name , it’s to old and ugly .

  • Being in sales, one of the biggest hurdles is to over come what everyone else is doing. I am excited to be with Kia because of the vehicles that are now coming into the lineup. I just wished that we had the vehicles in the lineup today.
    The Rio is so exciting, it will redefine subcompact. Great job, each and every person making the Kia difference.

  • R2


    Build it and they will come in flocks…, a totally fresh look in this size category , makes the golf look totally boring

    Now please a special edition with a 2L “gti killer” turbo option to top off this design, with doors!!

    Go Kia Go

  • R2

    2 doors!!

  • zubair

    its superb now all i wish is for a good engine to blow the gti away and a reasonable price

  • nice!

  • Lookin good!

  • joela

    a looker, but please pity us taller folks who have to sit in the second row!

  • Anonymous

    Cool looking design, love where Kia has been heading!

  • Ccichaiya

    wow wow !

  • super awesome!! Kia needs to make this! Then I will buy one

  • JOhn

    This is an excellent looking car with great shape on it.


  • wow i have skills to make that

  • Very informative post. I’ll be back soon to check out more.