The gift of 500,000 vehicles April 12th, 2010

Mr.Jozef BačéBy Mr.Jozef Bačé
Public Relations
Kia Motors Slovakia, s.r.o.

The date of January 15, 2010 entered indelibly into the history of Kia Motors Slovakia. This happened thanks to the short celebration of the 500,000th produced vehicle in our plant. Based on management decision, this jubilee car was donated to the Transplantation Center in the Faculty Hospital in Martin. The car manufactured in our factory will bring hope for a better quality of life and life itself for hundreds of people all over Slovakia. The car will be used for transfers of surgery teams and organs for transplantation in Slovakia. The final decision of the destiny of the 500,000th car was very reasonable. Among all the submitted projects the company management selected the one which does not make only a man or a narrow group of people happy. They gifted every one of us, our relatives and all those who might find themselves in a situation where the only option is a transplant of a vital organ.

  • Anthony

    Happy to see that you guys advertise by helping people! Keep working that way!

  • that good way to kia