The History of our Future January 2nd, 2008

Euisun ChungBy Euisun Chung
President and CEO
Kia Motors Corporation

Listening to people’s feedback over the last year – from dealers, distributors, and suppliers to industry analysts, journalists and other members of the public – I’m truly excited about Kia’s future in 2008.  I think Kia Motors is really beginning to turn people’s heads.

It is always great to receive public acclaim.  Results such as J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey 2007 where Kia was the most improved brand from 2006’s survey, or how the cee’d family of cars – our first car built by and for Europeans – continues to be recognized for its quality, speak volumes for our reputation.  However, it is the untold story of the Trojan groundwork behind-the-scenes that really fuels my confidence for the future.

The outline of the plot for Kia in 2008 was first sketched back at the end of 2003 when the company’s meteoric growth into a global automaker was in full swing, with exports at over a half million vehicles and plans in place to build our first plant in Europe.  Facing the economic realities of globalization and to sustain our growth, we recognized the need for differentiating the brand.  What emerged in January 2005 was a clear brand vision, based on a quality promise to customers, which would reflect the differentiated driving characteristics of the new generation of Kia Motors vehicles.  And fueling this: the development of Kia as a design brand.

Publicly, the pieces of this design story are slowly coming together.  Since the appointment of our story’s Director, Mr. Peter Schreyer, the company has been setting-up the infrastructure, developing the talent, designing more concepts vehicles than we have ever done before, and, ultimately, creating a new design language for Kia.  The result for 2008 will be yet another stage in the evolution of Kia Motors’ reputation as we plan to launch two new perception changing vehicles – the true mid-size Borrego SUV (‘Mohave’ in some markets) and a new car that truly defies categorization and is uniquely Kia.

As we welcome another exciting year in 2008, I hope you will share my confidence in our future.  Once again, I am proud of the contribution from all Kia family members and look forward to learn more about our company from the most important experts in the automotive world: our customers!

Best wishes to all in 2008

  • Guy

    i think the new borrego/mohave will be a big hit.

  • Robert

    “…a new car that truly defies categorization and is uniquely Kia.” Which vehicle is this?

  • Jamayl

    Hmmm, something tells me the Borrego is only the begining.

  • J.H.Kim

    “new car that truly defies categorization and is uniquely Kia.”???

    That means ‘Soul’ or “Pro-cee’d”??

    Any other unveiled one???

    Anyway, I will be verry happy to wait new car that you promised to be very unique…

  • ulrike hager

    2008 will surely be a great year for Kia! Under great leadership and with fantastic employees that have the heart and soul in the right place, consumers all over the world will soon be enchanted.
    Happy 2008

  • Let’s hope this truly is the new begining for Kia Motors Corporation!

  • I think Kia should take a look at their level of support after the sale – Courtney Tuttle of has had a very bad experience with his Kia minivan, and considering how good he is at SEO, Kia might want to address this.

  • Kia products quality has been dramatically improved but sales staff in the showroom need to be more trained how to care of customers.

  • Dear J.D.,

    KMA had their Customer Affairs take care of the situation. Your problem will be resolved soon.

  • skyhigh

    I love Kia…the design of the cars is fantastic…

  • Kiafan

    After I bought a new Opirus, I ‘ve never been asked by any Kia sales person or showroom manager how my new car is doing before I called them.. They don’t care of their customers as it is non of their business. Such sales staff attitude will hurt the Kia efforts to widen its market.

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