The Kia Pro_Ceed Dominates the Race Track July 19th, 2011

Didier de Radiguès and Philippe Stéveny came in first under the checkered flag at Spa-Francorchamps at race two. With this victory and the win at the first race on July 8, the Belgian duos’ Kia Pro_Ceed brings them the lead in the Belgian Touring Car Series at the 25H VW Fun Cup.

The race was like an action-packed movie starring three teams: No. 2 Edouard Mondron and Stéphane Lémeret; No. 1 Delahaye Mégane, Frédéric Bouvy and Christian Kelders; and our heroes, Didier de Radiguès and Philippe Stéveny with the Kia Pro_Ceed.

The Kia team seemed to be falling behind in the sixth round after losing five seconds at the chicane, but Philippe Stéveny managed to retake the lead, crossing the finish line 1.7 seconds ahead of the other teams.

Congratulates, Didier and Philippe!