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The Sportiest Forte (Cerato) Brothers of Kia Family July 27th, 2009

By Kia Design Center


Kia has unveiled the new Forte Koup (also known as ‘Cerato Koup’ in some markets) which embodies Kia’s “sporty and dynamic” design identity. First introduced at the 2008 New York Motor Show as the KOUP concept car, the Koup is a derivative model of the Forte (Cerato) sedan. It is the first two-door coupe from Kia Motors and retains the design DNA of the sedan while incorporating the sporty style from the concept car.

While the Forte (Cerato) sedan and the Koup may look similar at first glance, they each boast unique traits. They both share the family look, but the Koup has a fresh new exterior design.


The Koup has an agile and sleek flair associated with two-door coupes in additional to the Fortre’s (Cerato) “dynamic tension & sporty stance” design theme, which designers kept in mind when designing the vehicle. The end result is a quality car that is dynamic and fun to drive ? the Forte’s (Cerato) past performance proves it.


The bold lines created by wedge-like shapes and exacting surface treatment create a dynamic look that exudes a sense of movement even when the car is at a standstill. This young and energetic Kia design should appeal to young and young-at-heart drivers with the “look at me” mindset.

Please wait for the coming story behind the design of Forte (Cerato) sedan and Koup which represent the design identity of the young and energetic Kia brand.

  • keno

    which country makes kia motors

  • Yes, this car is really with sports design, looking fast with good aerodynamic.

  • Greg

    South Korea, soon, West Point, Georgia, USA.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Korea and Hyundai owns KIA. Hyundai is becoming Volvo/Acura and KIA is becoming Toyota and Mazda.

  • Pamela (Korea)

    Hello Keno — to answer your question, Kia Motors Corporation started in South Korea. Our headquarters are still based here but as a public traded company, we have offices all over the world (Kia Motors America, Kia Motors Europe, Kia Motors do Brasil, etc.).

    Our flagship plant is in Korea (Hwasung) but we have vehicles being assembled and manufactured in various parts of the world, too. Our manufacturing plants are currently located in China (two plants), Korea (four plants), Slovakia and, soon, the US.

  • I hope Kia Motors will get an experienced tuner like Mike Kojima ( to work on the Koup and tune it up so more people can appreciate the sporty ‘soul’ of the Koup!

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  • Yezz20

    what is the styling design of this forte? and what is the technologies used in developing the exterior of this forte?