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The strong and sophisticated core of the All-new Optima! October 29th, 2010

Hello! The wait for the All-new Optima, the ambitious model by Kia, is finally over! In addition to its charismatic and sleek allure, Optima boasts quality performance and diverse high-technology features. Today, let’s find out more about the Theta II 2.4 GDi gasoline engine that forms the powerful core of the vehicle.

The Theta II 2.4 GDi engine was developed to answer the universal demand for cars with enhanced fuel efficiency in light of high oil prices and, at the same time, provide a high performance engine that offers a ‘fun to drive’ experience. The engine was designed to secure a stronger position in the mid-sized sedan market.

The engine boasts driving performance with a maximum horsepower of 201 and maximum torque of 25.5kg•m.

The gasoline direct injection (GDI) combustion system directly sprays fuel into the combustion chamber at a high 150 bar injection pressure. The injector and fuel pump are designed as a high pressure structure to directly inject gasoline into the cylinder and achieve greater precision. Additionally, it is able to enhance performance and fuel economy by improving the intake efficiency, reducing knocking, and increasing the compression ratio. In particular, the use of a split-injection method allows the catalyst to reach operating temperature (LOT) faster.

The GDI combustion system also offers environment-friendlier benefits: fuel efficiency is enhanced by 2-3% and engine performance by more than 10%, while the time required for the catalyst to reach operating temperature is reduced by 50-60%.

The Theta II 2.4 GDI engine was developed through the optimal GDI method to deliver improved fuel economy and performance along with reduced emissions. It is a high performance, low polluting and fuel efficient engine.

Furthermore, the application of a variable intake & exhaust valve system and a variable intake system (VIS) maximizes intake efficiency and improves driving performance and fuel economy. The variable intake & exhaust valve system adjusts the timing of the intake and exhaust valves depending on the engine RPM. VIS adjusts the intake manifold and increases output based on the engine RPM and load.

The high pressure fuel system features an integrated injector driver called Powertrain Control Unit (PCU). It was developed to assess and control the right amount of fuel injection by integrating ECU functions.

Other additions include the roller-type timing chain and piston cooling jet that cools the piston by spraying engine oil for greater wear resistance; the application of low-friction coating technology to the valve tappet, piston ring and skirt to improve fuel economy; the use of plastic material for key parts like the head cover and intake manifold for increased recyclability and reduced weight.

In particular, the piston cooling jet is attached to the main oil gallery on the cylinder block to spray engine oil. This cools the overheated piston during the high temperature/ high RPM operations to reduce knocking. Furthermore, it quickly raises the temperature of the engine oil during cold starts to minimize friction loss and improve fuel efficiency.

  • Wonderful Presentation of how engine works.
    Go Kia Motors Go

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  • we wait 1,6 diesel new magentis (optima). way to get rid of the heavy tax burden and a nice car to ride like the Kia Magentis. please make. please produce

  • BernardP

    Nice work on perfecting the 2.4L GDI engine… Now just drop it in the Forte SX, please ;-)

    The 2.0L Turbo would overpower the Forte’s FWD drivetrain, but the 2.4L GDI would be a great upgrade in usable power, with no penalty in fuel economy.

    … a 2010 Forte SX owner

  • Franz Kirsch

    Kia, you’ve kept me waiting for the Optima with it’s 4 cyl turbo, and now it seems that you’ve dropped the turbo.
    Not a mention about it in your new catalog, why?
    Congratulations, you’ve lost a customer.

  • Andrew Bartolome

    Hi Kia,

    When is the scheduled launch of this car in the Philippines? I’m due to replace my car and need to know if the launch date is within a reasonable time frame for me to wait?


  • Colin @ Kia H.Q.

    @ Andrew,

    Thanks for your interest in the all-new Optima. Specific launching date of all-new Optima in Philippines hasn’t been decided yet. So please contact local Kia dealer and they can give you more detailed information.


  • Franz Kirsch

    I’m back, my information now shows that the turbo is indeed coming, just not immediately available.
    I can wait. It’s probably better to wait until after the winter and be able to keep my new beauty out of the snow and salt.
    Make standard shift an option available for the Turbo. My guess is that the bean counters decided they couldn’t support their warranty if drivers really worked their engines and drive trains.
    Perhaps certain drive train components’ warranty could be lessened if standard shift were ordered.
    Make the KIA Optima the sporty side of the KIA/HYUNDAI decision.

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  • Mike

    When is the Optima coming to Canada?

  • Beautiful car model

  • Ron G

    If Kia/Hyundai is really serious about getting people to step down to a vehicle like the Sonata turbo or the great new Optima EX/SX Turbo then why aren’t these cars built with quieter interiors? I am trading a 2007 5 series BMW and LOVE the new Optima Turbo but all I read in the reviews is that it has too much road noise on bad asphalt (which is my entire city!). Kia/Hyundai needs to add more sound-deadening insulation to the Optima and seriously work on their grand turismo suspension if they are to lure premium car buyers to their vehicles. Since America’s infrastructure is crumbling with no end in sight, car manufacturers should step up and address interior noise levels. I am not asking for Lexus-like dead quiet but if Car and Driver reviewers say the Optima Turbo (SX) is distractingly loud due to tire noise then many premium car buyers won’t consider it. Funny how they can stuff every imaginable upgrade into the car but omit something so obvious and glaring. Guess I could pay several hundred dollars to aftermarket some insulation but that isn’t befitting a car that can top out at 30K!

  • Beautiful car model
    harika bir mode çok güzel hoş bir görüntüsü var.

  • KiAt

    Hi Kia,
    Beautiful car. Really interested in getting it. When would Kia launch Optima in Malaysia?

  • Liam

    I love my Optima, a 2007. with 5 in our family, three kids, I wish that Kia would develop a back seat that would allow a third person to sit in the back middle in comfort, i.e. a ‘scuplted and contoured’ seat for the one who currently has to ride on the ‘hump’ as my kids call it. What would be so hard offering an optional rear seat with a little bit of comfort offered to that ‘5th’ person or child?

  • @ Liam,

    Thank you for your comment on Kia BUZZ and also your kind opinion. We will forward your comment to R&D Department.

  • @ KiAt

    It will be July the new Optima arrive in Malaysia. Hope you will have a chance to ride a brand-new Optima. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I am eagerly awaiting the debut of the Optima in Canada. My only concern is the mixed reviews about the seats. Many reviewers have commented that the seats on the 2010 models are hard and uncomfortable. Has this issue been addressed in the 2011 models due to arrive in Canada?

  • Bruce Kaye

    All this buzz about the Optima is great, but I’m more interested in what’s going on with the Optima Hybrid. It’s features and it’s release date. Your direct competitor Hyundai at least has some info on their Hybrid due out very soon according to their Superbowl ad. Let’s hear and see more about the Optima Hybrid.

  • @ Bruce Kaye
    Thank you for your comment on Kia BUZZ. We will soon come up with more info about Optima hybrid in detail. :-)

  • Agreed!

  • Did you see this review from a Canadian reporter invited to Australia for a sneak-peek?
    Preview: Kia has a hit on its hands with 2011 Optima

  • Various NVH reduction qualities have been fitted throughout the all-new Optima. We’ve applied advanced design techniques and enhanced rigidity of key auto parts to reduce NVH. According to our tests, these improvements in the all-new Optima outperform competitors in major areas like idle noise and drive acceleartion permeating sound.

    But don’t take our word for it!

    We suggest to test drive an Optima at your nearest authorized Kia dealership and try it out for yourself.

  • Starlite9

    Why does the Optima in Canada not have the tire pressure monitoring system TPMS ? So many good features not even found on premium models of other cars are being offered and yet such a necessary feature is denied. Wonder why? Any comments on this from Kia would be appreciated. Thanks

  • cosmos19

    Interesting article. That does not say much about how the seats would be in the Canadian models. In the very words of the reviewer….”Australia gets its Optima — um, “optimized” for its market. What can Kia Canada do for us?”

    So far we see good options packaged in the model lineup at an attractive price. Only a test drive can determine the rest…