The year for ‘out of the box’ January 12th, 2009

Euisun ChungBy Euisun Chung
Kia Motors Corporation

Happy new year everyone! Hope you had a nice holiday.

If 2008 was about sky-rocketing oil prices and growing energy concerns, the ever-increasing difficulties facing the automotive industry, and shrinking consumer spending and confidence throughout the world, what will 2009 be about?

I believe 2009 will be about innovation, particularly in terms of fuel-efficiency and offering consumer quality-for-money. We are under no illusions that 2009 will be an even more competitive year than 2008. As I posted last year, Kia Motors was well positioned to continue to change people’s perceptions. Through feedback from dealers, customers and bloggers, it is clear that Kia Motors’ brand and quality continue to grow and I am once again excited about 2009.

Strong brand is a prerequisite for a sustainable growth, so this year Kia Motors will further enhance its brand image through new ideas and advanced creativities. In addition, we will pay more attention to voices of our customers, proactively solving potential problems and satisfy customers’ needs.

With such a market oriented mind, we will face the challenges of recent economic downturn and continue to introduce innovative products in terms of design and quality to provide new values to our customers. Spearheading our plan, the all-new precious Soul urban crossover passenger car and next generation Cerato (Forte) will be launched in early 2009, and by late 2009 we can expect the upgraded cee’d, all new mid-sized SUV and an all-new B-segment MPV to go on sale in the Europe. Also, we will soon launch our first eco-friendly version of the cee’d featuring our new stop-start ISG technology and roll out our new eco-brand of vehicles thereafter.

Kia will continue to be a relevant brand and choice in 2009. To this end we will continue to listen to your thoughts and insights and actively out-reach to you through Kia Buzz. Your knowledge is important to us. Thank you.

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