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There’s some Soul in Seoul November 8th, 2010

We held another tour last week for journalists from Thailand, Chile, Spain and Poland to discover the Kia Soul in success with 1st round of Soul in Seoul last May. Not only was this an opportunity for them to test drive our Soul, but they were also invited to explore the metropolitan streets of Seoul.

Since this was a first time visit to Seoul for all of our journalists, they were pleasantly surprised to see what the city has to offer. It is truly a mix of old and new – in every aspect! People were warm and friendly and our visitors enjoyed great Korean food.

Despite the heavy traffic the city is known for, our guests were able to enjoy the traditional sights of pagodas and palaces in the older part of the city, as well as the modern scenery in the trendier parts of Seoul.

The Soul lends itself to a great ride around the city as the higher seating allows for great visibility and its small size is great for zooting around the urban landscape. And, as always, Kia Soul lends itself to some great pictures! Here are some we’d like to share with you from the Soul in Seoul tour.