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Theta II front-wheel drive 6-speed automatic transmission November 4th, 2010

The Optima is outfitted with our independently developed Theta II front-wheel drive 6-speed automatic transmission to deliver maximum economical value and transmission efficiency.

Our Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission is the first to be independently developed by a Korean company and only the third in the world to be developed by a finished carmaker. Armed with the latest technologies, it delivers superior performance on par with the world’s best. It offers improved driving performance and fuel economy to replace the existing 4- and 5-speed transmissions, as well as eco-friendly features.

Among the same-class front-wheel drive automatic transmissions, Theta II 6-speed automatic transmission has world-leading maximum permissible torque, making it a viable option to replace high-output engines.

This was made possible by R&D efforts to lower the transmission weight, reduce the number of parts and decrease the overall length. Compared to the existing 5-speed automatic transmission, the new 6-speed is approximately 10kg lighter and requires 62 fewer parts. The length of the transmission has also been reduced by 24mm. These improvements allow the transmission to deliver three major benefits of increased fuel economy and performance, and reduced weight.

The application of the new ultra-flat torque converter (relays the engine’s power to the transmission) enabled a more compact package, while the 4-pinion differential gearing device improved durability. The hydraulic deviation adjustment valve body enhanced the transmission quality to deliver a smoother ride and shift quality.

The transmission also eliminates the need to replace mission oil, thus allowing for easier and more economical car maintenance.

I hope that you’ll have a chance to directly experience the new 6-speed automatic transmission and Optima!