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Venga’s Design Story-Color &Trim May 18th, 2010

By Kia Design Center

Sporty and refreshing color schemes were needed to match Venga’s dynamic and distinctive style to appeal to our main target group of young European consumers. Color trim designers from Namyang and Europe design centers joined hands to analyze the lifestyle and sensibility of the locals to develop optimal colors and materials.

We considered several color trim packages that fell in line with rising quality of life and consumption awareness levels. The selected ideas were subject to consumer reviews before the launch of mass production.

We created a less glossy crash pad to project a sense of refinement that also met our standards for cost, material property and production technique. For the switch panel, we chose paint to exude a sense of soft texture.

Compared with their counterparts in North America and Asia, European consumers show a high preference for blue tones, in addition to black and silver. The exterior color options include a deep blue exterior favored by locals. We also decided on a bright blue targeting the young, and gold to appeal to fashion-conscious drivers.

Three packages are available for the interior color: View – a black package with a sporty and young flair, Beat – a novel black combined with high-glossy green, and Fuse – a brown package with a feminine touch.

Catering to aesthetic demands in Europe, Venga represents Kia’s successful localization strategy. Venga should pique the interest of European consumers who value practicality and wish to keep up with the latest trends.

  • Anthony

    Very neat, I love the trim around the stick shift. There’s one thing I’d change, the bump over the speedometer should blend with the rest.. Hope you understand what I mean! Oh yeah and it should be available in North America!

  • JG

    Kia Europe did a fantastic job on this little car. Love the interior color options. Yes you should bring it to North America! Americans love sporty Euro style cars and this would sell well because it’s affordable.
    Seriously consider bringing it over.

  • BernardP

    The Byte Blue Venga at the top of the article makes me wish even more for the Venga to come to Canada. I’m retiring in 2 years and I would like to have one as an urban runabout.

  • BernardP

    I am serious… Bring it to North America… Please!

  • Thanks for the comments… we’ll be sure to share with our teams responsible for the North American market. Right now, though, we have no plans to make Kia Venga available there. The more interest there is in getting a car of that size in the market, the more we’ll consider it!

  • Hah I am actually the only comment to your awesome read.

  • SmallCarFanatic

    Why can’t Kia sell this car over here in North America, it would be such a hot seller like the Soul.

  • Nice Small Car, easy to drive on traffic road, i like to take this while going of office time.

  • 3 words: nice, smart colors and value for money. All in all a good car to own.