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Venga Q & A November 5th, 2009

David LabrosseDavid Labrosse
Product Planning Manager
Europe Technical Center

Hello to all Kia BUZZ bloggers!

The Kia BUZZ editorial team has collected questions that came up in the blogosphere related to Kia Venga. We thought what better way to answer them then through this little Q&A we cooked up for you.

1. What is Venga about?
You know, in Life, nothing is more successful than satisfying needs in a seductive way. Venga is Kia’s demonstration that great exterior design can meet interior functionality. Never before has the combination of roominess with a high seating position and fold & dive sliding rear seats been so nicely packaged. Venga is a totally new product that extends Kia’s portfolio to a new dimension: It is part of the product strategy to cover all market segments in a new modern way.

2. Tell us more about the design.
Venga has been designed following the purest rule of esthetic, combined with Kia´s Design DNA. The long wheelbase and the very short overhangs combined with the especially big wheel generate harmonious proportions that radiate dynamics. Also, the high belt line contributes to give Venga a modern design rarely seen in this kind of vehicles. The front grill innovatively integrates the now typical Kia signature grille. In the interior you will find the typical 3 ring cluster design with white/red illumination. All this follows the design DNA started with cee’d, replicated in the Soul and Sorento. And this you can expect to find in all new Kia models in the future.

3. Where will Venga be built and sold?
Venga is the second major step after 2006’s cee’d launch to establish Kia as a true competitor on the European market. Venga has been designed and engineered in Germany. It will be produced exclusively in Europe for the European market only. Venga has been developed to strike European customer taste and satisfy all their expectations without compromise.

4. How big is Venga?
Venga is shorter than Carens/Rondo but higher than Rio. It is a new model for Kia designed to cater to customers who need more interior space than Rio and cee’d but want to stick to compact exterior dimensions due for example to difficult parking situations in the city.

5. What about the customer?
Venga will attract young customers looking for a compact car ready for all situations. The Best In Class wheelbase enables comfortable adult transport in the rear and a full flat capability of the rear floor makes transportation of sports accessories easier. Young families will appreciate to slide the second row forward and get even more boot storage capacity for baby buggies, for instacne. Seniors will be delighted by the elevated seating position for easier entry and exit. Venga will convince many different kinds of customers, all attracted trough their eyes and convinced by its all-round capabilities.

6. Has infotainment played an important role in Venga?
Continuing its innovative path, Kia has equipped Venga with the well known USB/iPod®/iPhone®-connection enabling play back of MP3 & WMA files stored on almost any USB-devices. This connection is available now on all Kia models which is by the way quite unique in the car industry. Like the cee’d facelift, Venga offers also a wireless hand free function based on Bluetooth® as option. It makes phoning whilst driving possible in the most easiest way possible because your mobile phone is linked to the radio wirelessly (your device remains for example in your pocket or your bag) and cuts radio sound automatically by incoming calls. The roof mounted microphone and the radio speakers replace your phone. By the way, did you know that even music playing on your Bluetooth® mobile phone can be listened top trough the radio even if your device is still in you pocket or in the trunk? A state of the art touch screen full map navigation system with multilingual voice command is also offered as option. Venga enables you to bring with you your own world anywhere you want to drive to.

7. Tell me more about Venga and the environment
Venga is the second vehicle from Kia after cee’d and the first in this segment that can get the Kia innovative EcoDynamics package. It combines Idle Stop & Go system (ISG) with best design aerodynamics body. ISG stops the engine as soon as the driver slows down under 5km/h and disengages the power train (gearbox in neutral and clutch is released) for example at the red light in traffic jam. The engine will restart immediately when the clutch pedal is touched.
State of the art fuel efficient components like Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) and Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) tires enhance Venga´s capability to transport driver and passenger in the lowest possible CO2 emission possible in the segment. By the way ecoDynamics is available on all engine gasoline & diesel combined with manual transmission.

If you have more questions, please post them below and we will try our best to answer them.

  • Hello “kia buzz”,

    When do we know the prices of the venga?



  • Gregory Gibson

    When will you announce pricing for the Venga – especially for the UK – I’ve been trying to order one since Frankfurt without success! Also what colours will it be available in?

  • ks34

    I would like to know when the Venga will be available in the Portuguese market. I’ve heard the 1.6 CRDi engine will not be available.

  • David Labrosse

    Dear Kia friends,

    Venga production have just started beginning of this month. Dealer deliveries and prices depends on each market. Netherland will be one of the first so all details will be known by mid December. Portugal will have to wait for the beginning of 2010.

    Kind regards

  • Dear mr. Labrosse,

    Dealer deliveries and prices for Belgium?




    Dear Sir

    I Entered the KIA Europe website and I send a complain about my Kia Ceed EX about 3 days ago and there was no answer.

    Darren cassar.

  • Dear Darren Cassar,

    We appreciate your time to leave a comment on Kia BUZZ.
    Your message has been forwarded to a person who works in Kia Motors Europe and in charge of Kia Motors web site.

    They will contact you soon through email.


  • Guillaume

    Bonjour Mr Labrosse,
    pouvez vous me donner une fourchette du prix en france pour les moteur le plus puissant et le modele le plus équipé ? ainsi qu’un délai , évidemment. Sinceres salutations

  • Ok thanks for a great service and I am satisfied .
    KIA better than the best!

  • himi

    Hi David,

    nice write up on the all-new Venga MPV!

    How many exterior colours will be available to choose from?

  • Colin

    Hi Himi,
    Ten colours will be available.
    Byte Blue, Caramel Gold, Mocha Brown, Indigo Blue, Shine Red, Solid White, Champagne Silver, Continental Silver,
    Steel Gray, Stone Black.



    i have read a lot about kia venga mpv,want to know when will venga be launched in egypt and what will be the price tag for this in the egyptian market.



  • Colin

    Hello Ajay,

    I’m sorry to tell you this. We don’t have plan for Venga launch in Egypt currently.
    Venga is a specialized model for European market.


  • Hey I decided to comment and telll you great layout and nice site! great job!!! :)

  • Dear Mr David Labrosse,
    Could you please confirm me:
    “Shine Red”s code is JA;
    “indigo Blue”s code is 2X and
    they are NOT multitone
    Mrs M Siemmond

  • thanks, Keep up the Great work :)

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  • This is a perfect post and I completely understand where you are coming from in the first section. Great read, I’ll be sure to read the other reads.

  • C

    Hi, I live in the UK and bought the Venga, but their was no white colour option, nor sat nav, contrary to the above, unless you were referring to only certain parts of Europe?

  • Claude

    How could we set up the bluetooth on the Rondo 2009?