Waiting for the Australian Open January 16th, 2009

Ki Myo KimBy Ki Myo Kim
Overseas Promotion Team
Kia Motors Corporation

2009 is finally here, and the Australian Open, one of four grand slam tennis tournaments, will be held from January 19 (Monday) to February 1 (Sunday), 2009.

The Australian Open, the first grand slam event of the year, will take place for two weeks in the city of Melbourne. During this time of year, many people are busy going to year-end parties and New Year gatherings. But as the person in charge of the Australian Open, I have long forgotten about Christmas or New Year’s.  As usual, I am sitting at my desk in the office until late into the night making the necessary preparations.

<Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park>

The Australian Open was the first global event that Kia Motors headquarters sponsored. Kia became a sponsor of the Australian Open in 2002 and last year extended the sponsorship until 2013. As more and more people become aware of Kia Motors’ sponsorship of the tournament, we are receiving greater attention and that means more things to take care of.

As it is the case with all other events sponsored by Kia, the sports marketing staff of the Overseas Promotion Team, and numerous others, work tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for the two week tennis championships.

Kia Motors makes countless preparations for the tournament. For one, there are print ads published in the official tournament booklet which are created by an ad agency that works with our Overseas Communication Team, the team sitting next to my team. There is also the production of a 30-second ad to be shown on the giant screen at Melbourne Park, as well as various Kia banners and ads to be displayed inside and outside the tennis courts. In addition, Kia supplies the official vehicles before and after the tournament and designs, creates decals for them. We also have to pay close attention to promotional materials that go inside the media kits along with our press releases.

<My teammates and myself packing media kits for the event>

Until four years ago, I used to change the channel when the sports news would come on TV. But now, as the person in charge of tennis on the sports marketing team, I am delighted if I happen to see an event sponsored by Kia featured in the news or see a Kia logo during a sports event. The fact that I take such delight even surprises me!

During the Australian Open, I can see Kia logos all over the place in Melbourne Park. And when I do see them, I become aware of the people around me and truly feel proud of Kia. I almost want to wear a sign on my body saying “I work at Kia Motors.”

For nearly six months, I haven’t been able to meet friends during the week and just caught up on sleep on weekends because of the Australian Open. Still, I feel my heart swell when I think that after all the arrangements I made as the person in charge of Kia related activities for the championship, the tournament will soon get underway.

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  • “year-end parties and New Year gatherings.”…… during January the 19th until February the 1st? Wow, I wish the people I knew were still partying in late January. Most of them are back at work by then after their Christmas/New Year holidays.

  • During the Australian Open or immediately after, do Kia Motors Australia notice an increase in sales of new vehicles as a result of the extensive exposure of the Kia name during the tennis? If so, by how much when compared to other times in the year?

    Where can I find the total number of different Kia models sold during 2008 in Australia? Is this information available for the public on the web?

  • Thank you Mr. Jay GJN!

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  • Hi Geoff,

    There are many factors that affect the sales of cars and major sports sponsorship is one of them. So we are very careful to conclude that the increase in sales during or after the tennis game came from the sponsorship activities. However, we hope that by sponsoring a world renowned sporting event, Kia brand would achieve worldwide exposure and increase its brand awareness, therefore raising our sales worldwide.

    And about 20,000 Kia vehicles were sold in Australia, and Rio has been the most popular car sold among kia vehicles, then Carnival was second best seller among kia cars. I believe general information is available in the public, and if you are looking for specific information regarding this matter, you can always contact me.

  • Hello Ki Myo,

    Thank you for the reply to my questions. The content in your reply was interesting reading.

    You referred to vehicle sales being available in the public. I have searched the net a week or so back but I could not locate any data.

    Thanks also for the opportunity to contact you for more information if necessary.


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