Watch TV & Drive Away in an All-new Sorento… April 6th, 2010

By Silke Rosskothen
Head of Corporate Communications
Kia Motors Deutschland

A very lucky viewer of Germany’s “TV total Night” was presented with a brand new, all-new Kia Sorento on Apr. 1st. There was a lot of cash at stake during the 15th “TV Total Night” on 22 February. Celebrity poker player, German television host, comedian and musician, Stefan Raab, played against fellow celebrities while the audience at home had a chance to win an all-new Kia Sorento. By calling the hotline that night, viewers could pick their winners for their chance to win the modern urban SUV. Christin Bruhn from Ostrohe in Schleswig-Holstein came out a winner from that evening’s match and was presented with her Sorento in front of Kia Motors Deutschland’s offices in Frankfurt.

Christin (pictured here) personally received her new 4×4 from Dong Cheol Seol, the CEO of Kia Motors Deutschland. “We wish you lots of fun with the new Sorento and much luck in future poker games – particularly as a spectator!,” he said. With a smile, he also reminded Christin that the number seven (7) is Kia’s lucky number. Could he have been referring to Europe’s seven-year guarantee which was introduced 1 January 2010 for all newly registered models? Or, maybe it’s just a lucky guess!

Glückwünsche, Christin! We hope you enjoy your ride.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Speaking About Business:

    If anything in the KIA lineup is a candidate for the 2.0 Turbo GDI from the Sonata this car should be it. A Sonata Turbo in Forte 5 Would Spank Mazdaspeed 3 with its 11 more HP than the Mazda. This would be a low volume Halo Hatch for KIA if they did a Bonkers Forte 5. However some kind of Forte 5 R would be what the Forte needs to draw more people to the US dealers to sell 12,000-15,000 Fortes a month.

    People would look at a halo hatch like a 274 HP 34+ MPG Forte 5R and decide, “Hey, I wont get the Forte 5R, but since they make such a hot hatch, I can trust this car enough to buy: Forte 5, Forte SX, Forte LX, etc…”

    It would draw in tons of publicity too for KIAs other models forcing people to take KIA more seriously, and get more respect than before.

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