Welcome to the Australian open! December 7th, 2010

Hello everyone!

My name is Young-Sun Oh and I work in the Overseas Promotion Team at Kia Motors. My duties are related to sports marketing, such as football and tennis sponsorships.

Following up on the FIFA World CupTM fever that swept the globe this summer, the Australian Open 2011 will be held in Melbourne in January 2011. The Australian Open is one of the four major tennis tournaments and boasts a tradition of more than 100 years. In contrast to the FIFA World CupTM which has multiple major sponsors, Kia Motors has been the sole major sponsor of the Australian Open since 2002. This is why it presents a good opportunity to share Kia’s unique appeal with many people worldwide.

As the person in charge of the Kia Amateur Australian Open (KAAO), which is part of our global marketing program related to the Australian Open, I am especially excited about this year’s tournament. An annual competition held around the world, KAAO is one of Kia’s key customer events and will be entering its eighth year. The men’s and women’s champions of each participating nation are selected through local tournaments in 16 countries. The champions are then invited to Australia for the KAAO World Final. They also receive tickets to see matches at the Australian Open. KAAO gives participants a chance to directly experience the “Exciting & Enabling” values of Kia.

Fifteen countries will be taking part in the 2011 KAAO and preliminary matches are currently underway. The 15 include five in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Poland, France), one in North America (US), one in Latin America (Chile), four in Africa & the Middle East (Nigeria, South Africa, Libya, Jordan), and four in Asia-Pacific (New Zealand, China, Korea, Australia). KAAO is especially popular in France, which has been a participant for seven years. At last year’s French preliminaries, held in conjunction with the National Tennis Club, about 35,000 players (or 17,500 teams) battled it out over a period of four months. I was happy to see that KAAO had established itself as a major amateur tennis event in France.

In an interview, the men’s champion of France Eric Quillet said, “This tournament is really intense (hardest in my life) for the psychological aspect and especially the first days cause you cannot make any mistake and everybody can beat everybody. Concerning the organization there is nothing to say, everybody has been nice, helpful. The promotion of the show is really good and it attracts people.
To finish, what to say about the reward, a trip to Australia: I could not dream of anything better, it is awesome.” The French women’s champion Estelle Guillaumond was excited about the KAAO World Final in January and said, “I would like to thank Kia’s team so much for this unique competition and see you soon for the next steps….”

A wide range of promotional events for customers such as Kia Lucky Drive to Australia (KLDTA) and Experience Kia are taking place in 24 countries including the US, Germany, UK, Spain, Russia, Singapore and China. You could be one of the lucky prize winners! I hope you can join me Down Under in January 2011 for great moments under the warm sun while enjoying the Australian Open and traveling the country.

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