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Welcome to the Kia Borrego National Press Introduction! July 15th, 2008

By Amy Taylor
Public Relations Manager, Kia Motors America

Greetings from the Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, Wash.!  Over the next several days KMA PR will host more than 120 journalists as we introduce the U.S. media to the all-new 2009 Kia Borrego!

Kia Borrego at the Suncadia Resort

The moment the journalists step out of the airport they will get into the Borrego and by the time they head back to the airport, they will have experienced four and a half hours of drive time.  Their 85 mile drive from the Seattle area will take them into the beautiful Cascade Mountains to their destination, the all-new Suncadia Resort.  Starting their day in this pristine setting, each journalist will get to experience lifestyle aspects of the Kia Borrego as they set out for outdoor activities including fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking and kayaking.

The first wave of 42 journalists is arriving today!  Tonight we will welcome this wave at a reception and dinner.  Tomorrow morning, after a business presentation they will head out to their first activity.  Look for reports from Cle Elum all this week and get an insiders look into the Kia Borrego National Press Introduction.

  • Guy

    i think kia is just a few years too late introducing the borrego.

    everyone seems to be complaining about high gas prices, several other carmakers have cut production on their full size suvs and pick-ups and here’s kia with a new full size suv.

    kia really needs to introduce a diesel or even better a hybrid for the us.

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  • Rickter

    Amusing that ‘borrego’ in Spanish means ‘fool,’ ‘simpleton’ or ‘false news.’ Must’ve been a ‘borrego’ who chose the name, a monicker which pretty well eliminates the auto from consideration by the Spanish-speaking market. Can you imagine a Spanish speaker telling his neighbor that he just bought a ‘borrego’? Kinda like Chevrolet trying to sell the Nova (‘no go’) years ago in Latin America.

  • Pamela Munoz (a Canadian in Korea)

    That’s a great point you brought up, Rickter. I think many people in the industry remember that particular case.

    We had actually identified this linguistic innuendo (in Spanish and Portuguese) before the launch of the Borrego and made the decision that in some markets the SUV would be called the Mohave. On this blog, you may sometimes see people refer to our newest SUV using either name.

    We currently have a few models with different names for the sake of glocalization – global cars for various markets around the world, but localizing some features for the local demand. The name happens to be one of them!

    With such an extensive line-up of vehicles, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all!