Well done, Sportage! February 1st, 2011

Kia Sportage has brought two great news stories from Europe and we are very pleased to tell you this before you make a buying decision. As always, Kia offers great quality and head-turning design!

The Kia Sportage was named as a top performer with its safety performance in the “Small SUV 4×4” category by Euro NCAP and the winner of the “2011 Car of the Year (COTY)” in Prague, Czech Republic.

By Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme), Sportage obtained scores of 93 percent for Adult Occupant Protection, 86 percent for Child Occupant protection, 49 percent for Pedestrian Protection and 86 percent for Safety Assist. Part of its high rank for this safety award, Sportage is equipped with 6-speed auto transmission, 6 airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), downhill brake control and hill-start assist control, an anti-lock brake system (ABS), rare parking assistance system, safety power window and active headrests*.

In Prague, our all-new Sportage won the Car of the Year award from the most renowned automotive organization in the Republic. It has won over consumers in an online poll as well as leading European motoring journalists with its high quality, value and blend of nice style. In addition to being a journalists’ pick, we think winning over netizens is very meaningful as it demonstrates that Kia’s reputation is significantly growing in the international market.

Since both EURO NCAP and COTY are prestigious awards in Europe, they are a testament to Kia’s continued commitment to vehicle safety. With its combination of breathtaking design, value, quality, technology and standard safety features, we believe that Sportage’s popularity and consumer appeal will only continue to grow in 2011 to fulfill our consumers’ expectations.

*Standard and optional safety features may vary between countries

  • Ingridve

    I’ve just ordered a one Kia Sportage ,i’m from Belgium .

  • Fadi_7001

    Good luck

  • Nicole Cast

    Congratulations Kia Sportage!!! I know it thats why i have my Kia sportage 2011! More success!

  • K7

    I’ve seen few sportages on road recently here in LA and I love Sportage’s design.
    Clean,futuristic,and full of amenties in design as well as the package.
    Great Job!

  • Symbiosis5

    That’s great and all, but the US is getting screwed. No EX’s on the lot 6 months after release (just LX’s), and no definitive release date for the Sportage SX, pricing or package details. C’Mon Kia, you’re letting alot of us down.

  • Symbiosis5

    Is that a 2012 Sportage SX 2.0T ????? Judging by the Sorento SX styled foglights, it does give one that impression.

  • Ice @ Sri Lanka

    Love the sportage. But the problem is it’s 5 months since I have ordered my sportage and now the dealer tells me it will be delayed by another months. I hope by the time I finally get to drive it, that it will not be outdated :-(

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  • s of melbourne, australia

    well done kia! however there seems to be a big problem with back orders for the kia sportage -i am also waiting on my sportage. i ordered mine in december last year and am told it will be ready mid-march, but i am worried as i know of people who are still waiting well over 6 months. kia, can you provide an official response to this issue?

  • A Seesunkur

    Hi ! I’m from Mauritius and am thinking of acquiring a Sportage 2011 EX Pack. Can someone give me some feedback?

  • SX

    I would consider Sportage here in Finland if it only had more powerful petrol engine. We only have 2.0 CVVT with 163 hp and virtually no torque at all. Kia, do yourself a favor and bring the SX turbo to Europe.

  • jaxpang

    this was the car that i was dying to test drive since its release in malaysia… unfortunately in malaysia, the test drive unit is unavailable, probably due to limited stock and high demand. the funny thing, later on, even the display/showroom unit became unavailable! it was such a let down, and i decided to look for other options, so i went here and there… when i was about to finalize my decision on 3xx8, my mind keeps pulling me back to this car, so i held that thought of 3xx8, and did a lot of research over internet, and without hesitation, last week i went to kia showroom and booked this one! what a relieve… eventhough with long waiting list (3mths) and skipping the testdrive. i do hope to get my sportage soon!

  • Mikiebrahimi

    I LOVE SPORTAGE! U Designed A Super Modern Car Kia! Tnx For That!

  • Anonymous

    I have a 2012 Kia sportage turbo T-GDI 2.0L with the languge of the hands free bluetooth in Korean languge ,,please help me and advice me to change the languge to english.

  • Anonymous

    I am so found and happy with my 2012 KIA sportage  turbo T-GDI,,it is wounderful,,but the local dealer in my region have no idea or parts for it or even the computer tester for the whole car,,I wish that the dealer will update the service in the workshop to  maintain my car by the assisstence of the KIA motor company in Korea,,,I wish that to be ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Hi everybody,,,can any body tell me what the audio system is saying in My 2012 KIA sportage turbo- TGDI (Fantastic car) when I am paring my phone in Korean language ( voice command) I would like to understand it in the english language please advice me and help me…. my e-mail is (
    I advice everybody about the KIA sportage Turbo- TGDI 2.0L because it has a good tourge stbale and economic and you can use a reguler unleaded gasoline with optimizing effect…Thank you KIA