What the younger generation wants from Kia Motors July 15th, 2008

Seung Ho ShinBy Seung Ho Shin
Assistant Manager
Trend Research Team

The Global Automotive Marketing Institute has been seeking the opinions of creative trend hunters from April. A total of nine creative trend hunters were selected from a pool of Korean university students in various fields in order to find trends from the perspective of the younger generation.

As the younger generation’s prominence in the Korean automobile market is growing by the day, the study is conducted to identify Kia Motors’ brand image from the perspective of the younger generation in May. This post introduces the younger generation’s demands on Kia Motors which were identified through the study. It indicates that Kia is regarded as a young and dynamic brand by the young people of Korea and suggests numerous ideas on how to increase the brand’s appeal to the younger generation.

The study recommends that promotional events should be held in locations that are popular among university students to have greater appeal. It also points out that long-term promotions instead of one-time events should be used to convey Kia’s brand image to the younger generation. Finally it suggests the creation of a community for university students.

Another proposal is opening a flagship store that targets the upcoming generation. One such example is the ‘Genius Bar’ run by Apple. Located in Apple retail stores, the Genius Bar allows consumers to gain expert advice from researchers at Apple headquarters while enabling the company to learn about what consumers want. It is helping to enhance the Apple brand image among young consumers by exposing them to diverse Apple products. Now seems to be the right time for Kia Motors to consider opening a similar facility.

According to the study we can find that there are some differences between the Kia Motors’ brand identity and the perception younger generation. Kia Motors is continuing with various efforts such as listening carefully what trend hunters are suggesting to appeal to the younger generation.