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What’s your Soul? October 6th, 2008

By Seung Hwan Lee
Kia BUZZ Editor

Here’s the newest promotional video on Kia’s latest urban cross-over.  Check it out and discover your Soul.


    Please FWD this to the appropriate design team member…

    (regarding the Kia Soul)

    I’d like to start by saying that I’m a male aged 22 & have owned 2 Kia vehicles. a Kia Sportage that was unfortunately wrecked due to a drunk driver but saved my life as i flipped 4 times & walked away unscathed. My second, my love, is a Spectra5 in metallic blue. My mother owns a 2006 Spectra EX as well. My next automotive purchase will be either a Koup, Soul, or Forte. I’d also like to note that you SHOULD KEEP the “Koup” name. It has meaning and sounds good as well. Especially with specs that it has, it needs a strong name. Forte, in my opinion, isn’t strong enough for that model. To appeal to a younger market today, name means a lot.

    The reason I am writing you today, though, is to point out something I’ve read today. I’m a member of a kia fan-site and there’s a rendering (something a fan made for fun) of a 3-door Soul that i think you REALLY need to take a look at. I’ll include the link @ the bottom of this message. I think if considered, it should also be considered with a sport-tuned suspension and an OPTION of the 2.0L turbo that will be in the Genesis Coupe. This idea will not only broaden the Kia lineup but will as well give Kia a great competitor to the hot-hatch segment including the VW GTI/Rabbit. I’m also a member of one of the largest automotive clubs, and hot hatchbacks are very big right now. There’s a lot of hype built up with the Koup & Soul cars as well. Just to inform you. Please get back to me regarding this matter. This car should seriously be considered. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I’m happy to help a company I’m very confident & passionate for.


    Thank you,
    Your biggest fan,
    Josh Loftus

  • K-sport

    will the soul have a manual mode in its auto tranny like forte? I mean a car with a reversing camera, lighting speakers, power folding mirrors etc. should have a manual mode.

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