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Why don’t we have that in our country? May 15th, 2008

By Chil-Young KwonProduction Management Team
Kia Motors Corporation

I noticed something when I had to move a completed car at the factory recently. It was broad daylight so I tried to turn off the headlights, but the daytime running lights stayed on. Surprised and believing something had gone wrong during assembly, I turned to my senior colleague for advice. He said, “The car’s for Canada, right? In accordance with Canadian laws, the headlights automatically come on if you start the engine.”


Were you aware that there are cars in which the lights come on just by starting the ignition? As a company exporting vehicles to some 200 countries, Kia Motors develops and produces cars suited to laws and conditions of each nation. For example, all Kia cars are designed to satisfy exhaust gas emission standards of the relevant region.

What about other conditions? Countries with a large land mass such as the US and Australia do not produce cars with small engine displacement. This means that all Optima models in the US are either 2400cc or 2700cc. But in Asia and Europe, we can find 2000cc Optimas.

In addition, we are helping to make cars accessible to everyone. We have developed vehicles for people living with a disability and models are currently available in Korea.

So, what do you think? When you spot the same model as your own overseas, try to find out how they differ and let us know! You will discover many interesting things. And remember, when driving in Canada don’t be concerned if the headlights stay on even during the day!