WOW (All-new Kia Sportage promo film) March 2nd, 2010

Colin JangBy Colin Jang
Kia BUZZ Editor

This promotional video was shown during the press conference at the Geneva Motor Show today. You can have a glimpse at our all-new Sportage’s interior & exterior.


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  • Charles

    Fantastic looking ride ,but will the U.S. be able to get all the colors and equipment available. They show in the commercial the beutiful orange color with orange thread and piping on the interior .But what will we get. When the Soul first came out ,the U.S. market only got 8 out of 11 colors . Most of us per the Kia forums felt as if we got screwed And a lot of the factory equipment was not the same from country to country. I was ready to buy a new Soul untill i found out i could not get the color i wanted nor the equipment i wanted in the U.S.. So i wait .Maybe this time KIA will come up with a better marketing strategy .

  • We can’t wait for this to come over here in the UK. It just shows how far Kia have come since the first Sportage. Is this a European design?

  • Michael Choo


    Yes, the vehicle featured in the video is the European spec model.

  • Denis

    Slightly disappointed, I thought it was a Dodge Caliber at first. Well, might change my mind later…

  • In the video, you can see a 7-year warranty logo throughout. This is, actually, only for the European market. Different markets have different warranties for a number of reasons… regardless, Kia’s warranty is among the best in most markets around the world.

  • Jeff

    Just like the Hyundai Tucson, they will probably delete the push button start for the US market. Europe, Australia, Korea…all get the refined small SUV’s.

  • Peter Ms

    To see a comparison of the Kia Sportage and Hyundai ix35 with some new pics, go to

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  • GF

    Jeff, etc.-The new Sorento (EX trim) got the push button start in the US. Is there reason to believe it might not carry to the Sportage as well? That’s the one feature that is holding me off from buying a Tucson.

  • Peter Ms
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  • WoW

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  • A couple images would have been good